Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm back 

Have you ever lost touch with someone for months/years and then suddenly tried getting back in touch with them? Don't you think it scares them? Every time anyone tries to get back in touch with me after a long time, my immediate reaction is "Why?" ... "Why now again?" ... "What does he want?". Yeah! I don't have much hope or faith in human virtues and always question the inner motives. You can call me a creep and ... well, you can just call me a creep ... it's totally up to you.

What annoys me most is when people I'm completely out of touch with call me and ask me for someone else's phone number. That's like the most annoying and insulting thing. If it was someone asking you to solve a major crisis for them, even if you feel it's selfish, you still feel good abt being of some use to the person. Also, you can then bitch abt it later, saying, "X called me after six months and wanted me to solve his Algebra homework. He is such a prick. I still did it though." How bright a picture that paints of you! You can't do the same when they ask you for a measly phone number. That's hardly anything to boast abt. What makes it even worse is when you don't have the number they are searching for and they just hang up instantly. It's like spelling it over the phone that "Yes, that was the ONLY reason why I called you."

So, recently when someone called me after one and a half years (seriously!) and asked me, "Hey, are you in touch with Y, I haven't spoken to him in a while. It'll be good fun bugging him. Do you have his number?", I don't have to spend words expressing my disgust. No I dint have Y's number, but I didn't tell him that on his face. "Hey I have it in my diary I think. Can you hold on for a minute?" Obviously he did. So then I came back to my computer and typed out one of my many blog posts for the day and then went back to inform him, "You know what, I was wrong, I don't think I have the number of Y." Needless to say, the two of us wouldn't be speaking for another two years. Blah!

Now why didn't I ever think of doing such a thing?
Anymore Arnie comebacks, i know what to do :p
@Kumari - u did no such thing coz you are a good person. good ppl houldn't read this blog and do bad things :)
Good girls go to heaven.
Bad girls go EVERYWHERE.

And presently i am in a "sights-seeing" mood :p:p
@Kumari - as a techie the easiest thing that you can do is "site seeing" :)
AHA!! Now, let those 'Number-Seekers' call (Grinning Evilly).....
Haha... How evil was that! :O

Actually I think it makes for good 'ice-breaker' type stuff when you call up people after a long while and not sure what to say after the "Hello, Long time, eh!" :)
shit i dont think any of my friends reading this will ever ask me for a number and whats even worse i dont think i can ask any of them for a number now :)
I've said it before and I will say it again... you evil evil man !

Yup, no more 'Dude, do you have her number' phone calls. Poor you ;)
@soup - coming soon in a blog near you - cheesiest ice breakers :)

@Vignesh - forget "her number", i cant even call to find out the "her brother's phone number so that i can slowly mke my way into the family" :(
Hmm, surely these things take a two-way effort? If someone calls you for someone else's number, you can take the initiative to say, "Yeah I might have it here somewhere, but tell me, how are you doing? Where are you now? what's your number? how did you get my number? what are you doing? what are your plans?"

If the other guy still is not interested in renewing ties, then too bad for him, but at least you've tried. I find that most people (read men) have problems speaking on the phone, and unless they have a direct question to ask, or are answering a question, they don't know what to say and hang up. (The exception of course being two best buddies who can talk all day).
@Sivani - your (a) first para I agree but smetime you know that whatever you do the person and will not get back in touch - so the question then is do you want to walk tha extra one mile?

(b) your second para - couldn't agree more :) men love the phrase "to the pt" when on phone and women can yank a lot better on na telephone - th eold joke goes that two women can talk for an hr on a wrong number :)
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