Saturday, February 12, 2005

This post is dedicated to Ronny, Ani, Modi, Antara, Samit, Chitra, Ditch, Happy, Ari, Arka ... people who prevented the question mark from reaching a full stop.

Modi asked me the other day what kind of a quizzard he was. For people who don't know Modi, he is one of the best quizzards I've ever seen. The guy quotes Shakespeare and Mithun with equal elan and I tried defining for him the different kinds of quizzards I know (what Modi thought best described him, will however remain a secret).

The Rock Star Quizzard: This is the "cool" group of quizzing - the renegade quizzards. They always sport the slightly bugged look and hate the ones who have not been blessed with the gift of knowledge. "How the fu*k could he ask something abt the Ninja Turtles? That's so fuc*in lame," they shout. They swear by the Hitchhiker's Guide and Floyd is their lullaby for the night. It's easy to spot these people - they always hang around in a small group before and after the quiz, smoking an occasional cigarette, pulling back their hair and showing absolute disgust towards everything. If they win they say "Yeah, it was OK" and if they lose "That was a screwed up quiz. I'm never coming back here again."

The Academics: To distort the great bard's line - "some men are born quizzards while others have quizzing thrust upon them." The academics belong to the latter category. These people are extremely bright students - the kind parents want their children to grow up and be. They never forget their history chapters, can name every country's capital and knows the scientific name of all the vegetables. To add to this already vast body of knowledge, they meticulously read the morning newspaper. For them quizzing is a natural extension of their passion. "My little one knows soooo much," the proud mother exclaims. The academics can often be seen hanging around with their school bags. They hate wasting time and are themselves hated by the rock star quizzards.

The Silent Lovers: This group is probably the single most important reason that quizzing is still popular in India. They are the lovers of the art who don't paint too well themselves. They come for every quiz; rarely win or qualify; still they sit till the end; note down answers of interest and boisterously support their team of choice. Their faces light up when they get the occasional audience prize. On a rare day, when they qualify and place fifth, their nights lead to an extra hour of peaceful sleep. Had it not been for these people the rock star quizzards would have no audience to play for and the academics would spend a lot more time with their books.

... and finally The "I Quizzed Too": This is a small group who don't like quizzing, don't care abt it and have never gone to any quizzes but for that ONE quiz and still keep mentioning it. Just bring up the issue of quizzing and they'll shout out, "Oh! I used to quiz too. When I was in class four I went for a spelling quiz. BTW, have you been on Kaun Banega Crorepati (India's Who Wants to ...). They ... well they are ...

Most people that I have seen quiz belonged to one of these categories (some overlapped) and so did I - As the Three Investigators said - ???

Some people are a combo of all three- look no further tis your fav quiz master, the great Pornob Mukherjee....
Pornob is more of a rock quizzard with a bit of the academic touch whose success rate as a quizzard has been that of a Slient Lover - so you are right :) Interestingly, if you add debating - then he is a "I Debated Once" speaker too :))
Guess I'd fall into a combination of the first and the second, and not fit into bits of either. The HHGG bit matches, so does the Floyd bit, but the ciggies are a strict no-no. Then again, I was seen hanging around with my school-baq and my ubiquitous chata- but wasn't anything remotely like an extremely bright student, and definitely the "hirer tukro" kind that parent would want their kids to grow up to be.
On a slightly unrelated note, my secret identity has been discovered. Oh the terrible calamity! Oh the.....
Good Blog! Caught my eye since I love quizzing. I think I belong to group 1 without the smoking part.

Any quiz-club around Irvine,CA area??

Best part of being in Bangalore was Karnataka Quiz Club.
@anon - thanks! No quiz club or quizzing in this area - at least not that i know of - Yes, K-Circle is legendary!
I really wonder how you keep up with the speed of writing blogs. I am inspired!! I mean really really inspired!
:) I will take that as a compliment. Well, it's all temporal - I try to jot down whatever thought amuses me - so there are times when I get amused easily and there are times when nothing exciting seems to happen.
look what i found from quora :)
video recording of parnab mukherjee :O

what was unique in the première of 1960 Movie Dracula


Did you know that La Paz the highest capital in the world means Enchanted High ?


Lets dig up some past

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