Saturday, February 05, 2005

Indian Lunch
Dipu and I went out for a hearty Punjabi lunch this afternoon where we had two Indian techies (aka sw engineer) sitting behind us and talking.

A: I quite like the new project. The team is small and I feel the technology will be big in Asia.
B: ya! I have been part of my team for a long time. It'll be good to change teams.
A: The coming few months will be very hectic. Not that things are any better now.
B: Seriously ... so how are things at home?
A: My daughter just won a best student prize in school.
B: Which school is she in?

On the way back Dipu asked me if I could recognize the two techies. I took a look at them again. Checked shirts neatly tucked into cotton pants, a mild touch of a belly and a badge hanging from the neck displaying the company's name. No! I couldn't recognize them.

"That's you and me. Fifteen years from now," Dipu said and smiled.

I smiled back. "BTW," I asked, "Which one of us has the bright daughter?"

Aah! the Bright Daughter!
That's the only horizon i am looking fwd to now :)
I have the badge, the crisp cotton saree, and a small belly too :p:p
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