Monday, February 21, 2005

Something I read made me ask these questions ...

1. Would I like to be friends with someone exactly like me?
Ans. Yes. However, I'll probably get into some nasty fights with me too. Specially coz I get mood swings and I get pretty depressing then (and a tad bit philosophical too). So I wouldn't want to be around me when I'm feeling low BUT I'd definitely love to hang out with me when I'm happy.

2. Would I date a girl who's just like me?
Ans. Eeeew! Please. We are just "good friends". Next question please.

3. If I was gay would I date a guy just like me?
Ans. No. I don't think I'm what gay guys look for. I'm untidy, don't have much a of a fashion sense and spend less than two minutes for buying shoes. So, definite NO!

4. If I had a marriageable daughter, would I let her date someone like me?
Ans. No again. I'm still unsure abt what I wanna do with my career. So I don't want my apple-pie to hang out with a guy who doesn't know what he plans to do to bring in the green bucks. "Baby, stay away from that creep. I like that other guy in your college a lot more; the one who you think is gay but plans to join his dad's business straight after college. I don't like that PhD chap one bit. Get it?"


You missed the REAL question:

Do you really want to date someone who would date someone like you?

*goes into hiding*
:)) actually, you have a point all the break ups in the World happen when you are with someone who has agreed to date you - there lies the problem i guess :)
Hey this post of yours reminded me of Sidhu... I mean considering the fact that Navjyot Singh Sidhu's wife name is also Navjot Sidhu! May be he was in the same dilemma as you are and hence he married the next best thing to himself, some one who has the same name :) What do you say? Biye barir shamney phul diye lekha thakbey.. sagnik weds sagnik :)
The Clone Song

Oh, give me a clone
Of my own flesh and bone
With its Y chromosome changed to X.

And after it's grown,
Then my own little clone
Will be of the opposite sex.

Clone, clone of my own,
With its Y chromosome changed to X.
And when I'm alone
With my own little clone
We will both think of nothing but sex.

Oh, give me a clone,
Is my sorrowful moan,
A clone that is wholly my own.

And if she's X-X,
And the feminine sex,
Oh, what fun we will have when we're prone.


My heart's not of stone,
As I've frequently shone
When alone with my own little X.

And after we've dined,
I am sure we will find
Better incest then Oedipus Rex.


Why should such sex vex,
Or disturb or perplex,
Or induce a disparaging tone?

After all, don't you see,
Since we're both of us me,
When we're having sex, I'm alone.


And after I'm done
She will still have her fun,
For I'll clone myself twice ere I die.

And this time without fail,
They'll be both of them male,
And they'll each ravage her by and by.


- Isaac Asimov
@Ani - wow! great one!

@IRC - Limca Quiz 1995, Kolkata. Good old Barry O Brian asked "What's common to Navjot Singh Sidhu and Dominque Lapierre?" Ans: Both their wives have the same name as their husband.
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