Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's gonna be a while
Another wonderful "true" (if Subs is to be believed) anecdote that I heard:

Some Indian student who had just arrived in the US was taking driving lessons. On the first day of his lessons he came and stopped near a STOP sign (the painted one). Knowing not what to do, the good boy waited on and then waited on and then waited on ... till a desperate instructor asked him, "When do you plan to leave?" "Just after my PhD," our man replied.

LOL; nice stuff man.
Hmm, so from your last two posts, PhD students can't get married nor even get to go on long drives if they manage to do?
Tobey je boley: 'porashuno korey je...'
Bhari onnai kotha.
@Rohit - thanks a lot.

@Biplab - even i fell for the trap; now like all PhD students i know the problem - just have to find the soln.
Rofl ! Too good !!!
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