Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just another bite
Well the previous post on eating habits of the opposite sex won't be complete without this delightful story from my undergrad days. Our college had a girl who was (in)famous for her minimalistic eating habits (stories abt her diet control went out of control). Yanyway, a good friend of mine assumed that she'll be a safe proposition to take out for dinner. Not only do you get female company (a rarity in many engieering schools in India) but you also spend nothing on her food. Right? Nay! It turned out that the girl really dint eat anything but to give him "company" kept ordering fresh fruit juice and bottled water - giving the poor guy's wallet quite a shock.

Myth #173 confirmed: Just coz they eat less don't mean they cost less :)

shaggy please tell me na, whos this college girl? somehow i think i know her....please bolo na ...hahahaha
she, my friend, is a mrried woman now - and moi shall not post her name in public :))
aaah...i know her. 'Eating' was an art she practiced in college-- not too much and not to often either. I still remember the way she used to fish for that tomato in our mess rasam :)
man, i was hoping that no BITSian would get who I was talking abt but then "she" seems to be a legend :)
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