Saturday, February 26, 2005

Just a Call Away 

I was checking my blog's stats counter and saw that someone reached my PG rated site while searching for "lonely housewives wanting sex" (I had written a post on spams some time back) while another search query that led to this site was that of "matrimonial ads". Now, I was just wondering - What if both these queries were made by the same guy? Can you imagine how devious and far fetched this ploy is? There's some creepy perv out there who's first searching for "matrimonial ads" to find a wife for himself. Then, after marriage, he'll bore his wife with his lecherous acts till she becomes a "lonely housewife" and then he can fulfill all his fantasies right at home without spending a penny.

"What made you suspect the husband in the first place," the nerdy assistant asked.

"I can't say it was elementary dear. Not even secondary. It was more of a tertiary thought. The footprints gave him away," the detective said, while eating a piece of the mystery all by himself.

I love the google stat referrers. I've got regular visitors looking for Kim Sharma's navel. My personal best, however, is someone who searched for "His ass sticks out." Hmmmm... there ARE strange people in the world, don't you think? :)
@em - Kim Sharma's navel ??? Wow! Now I can't help but mention a friend of mine who used to go through my blog material and prepare queer search keys that would only be satisfied by my page and then do that search to reflect it on my stats counter. Now, talk abt the strange people in the World :)
Ah ha! Sleuth Sagnik! Very cool! Will decidedly improve your Sad Night Club experiences than being the PhD-in-the-making! :)
Though why would someone click on a Blog, while searching for Matrimonial ads is a bit of a mystery!
"Sir, why would someone click on a bloh when searching for matrimonial ads," the nerdy assistant leaked out her inquisitiveness.

"Hmmm," the detective thought, "that dear Rebecca was just an attempt to divert our attention."
It is quite amusing to see how people land up in your blog and the "visit length" shows up as 0 secs ! They couldn't tolerate landing on a blog of all places!

Some one searching for "deaf and dumb", "dolls","labradors in Mumbai" etc have landed in mine.Some other interesting ones were there too, but statcounter has not kept em in memory.They want me to 'upgrade'
@Srini - well ur stats counter is like Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire - "Show me the money!" :)
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