Thursday, February 10, 2005

Label (La Belle)
Venue 1: www.cute-girl.blogpot.com
Action: Comment saying "Hey, great post. I really liked the part abt how you got drunk and threw up!"
Reaction: Counter comment saying, "Thank you :) Keep visiting" ...
Label: cute-girl thinks the guy truly appreciates talent.

Venue 2: Yahoo messenger of cute_girl
Action: Window pops up saying, "Nice id :)"
Reaction: cute_girl blocks admirer.
Label: creep, pervert.

Seriously, with the advent of the blogging culture, one can easily praise an unknown woman for her skills without crossing any social boundaries BUT try walking up to the same woman on the streets and praise her hazel hued eyes and she'll instantly offer you the "look at me stare ... how could u dare ... like my glare ... now u care" combo. Seriously, if you judge movies you are labeled a "critic", judge wine and you are labeled a "connoisseur", judge a book and you are labeled a "scholar" but try passing a judgment on the grace of the femme fatale kind and you are instantly labeled a "pervert" :(

Are we trying to say that it's a bigger task to appreciate films, books and wine as compared to women? I don't think so and you better not too ... coz if you do, you my friend will instantly be labeled as a "sexist" :)

Women - We men ... ???

Modifying Calvin's quote:
"Trust a man to take all the fun out of sex discrimination" :p
The only real problem here, Sagnik, is that you are trying to understand women.
Some women might find the mere attempt insulting, in fact :-)
Read this long time back - there is Man" in "Woman", "Lad" in "Lady", 'He" In "She" and "Male in "Female". Wherever, you ladies are we men are a part of you :)
And this comment truly deserves a ;)

thank u, thank u :)
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