Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Limit tending to engineering 

Flashback in hazy black and white - Years ago (I was around 4-6 years old/young then) they asked me in kindergarten what my dad did for a living. Now mom had taught me, along with my name, age, address, favorite color and nursery rhymes, the fact that my dad was a Mechanical Engineer. I believe I dint even think for a moment, looked at the highly overweight Mrs. Gabriel, and told her with a whiff of confidence that my dad was a "mechanic". I still remember that Mummum was very disappointed/agitated/tense once I narrated this incident (probably expecting some kudos from her) to her, coz apparently a mechanic is different from a mechanical engineer. Sadly, Mummum still doesn't realize that herself.

The main story begins - every time anything stops working in the house (ranging from a toaster to the television) my mom expects Bubin to fix it on his own. "What kind of an engineer are you?" she'll begin, "the shower is leaking and you can't even fix that." Bubin would try to fix the shower, ensure that it drips even more and then call the plumber. "You are absolutely useless. I wonder how you cleared engineering," Mummum would indulge in banter. Once in a while Bubin tries to explain that he hadn't exactly taken Introduction to Plumbing 102 in college but Mummum doesn't care much. Her logic is simple - "If you can't do her chore, you aint an engineer no more" :)

Now the same thing is coming back to haunt me. "The computer is so slow. Why can't you make it fast?" she asks me earnestly. "Mom, that's coz we bought it in 1945 after the Quit India movement. You should be happy that the museum hasn't yet seized it. Why don't you buy a new computer?" I protest in vain. "You are just like your dad - just an engineer by name. Both of you are of no use to the house. What did you learn in ..." Suddenly we are interrupted by the sound of gushing water. Bubin has failed to fix the shower again, making it worse in the process. "Now, I have to call the plumber again," Mummum says, while running towards the bathroom, "I think I should have married a plumber."

Okie let me understand this ...Now where do I find a Tall and also a Dumb girl(to avoid banter). Though brilliant ,You are making this so very complicated...Life is so hard for single guys I tellya.!!!
Okie, lemme understand this - are you searching a girl for me or u - if its u then *#$#@ and if it's for me - all the best :)
tis for me.....so good samaritan atb.
easy Nandy...I am searching for a Tall & dumb twins...one for you and one for me:)..and no....its not one is dumb and other is tall..
You think you have it tough - do you know how many people have asked me whether the stock market will rise or fall?
@gvenum - that's so cool, i mean hot!!

@anon - no no no no, we are dealing with twins here, not triplets, so back off man!
@ani - so will the stock market rise or fall?
i know of a certain hot triplet, they appear on People and such-like magazines every two pages....so move on from the twins- leave them for the coor ads..
@anon - wow! I c you are a People person.
How the [bleep] would I know? I'm a [bleep]ing Game Theorist for [bleep]'s sake.

I deal with cute little 2x2 matrices - not the NSE.
@ani - i refuse to believe what you are saying :) what kind of an economist doesn't wanna help fellow bloggers with the stock market? what game theory shame theory are you talking abt - use ur 2*2 matrix and lemme know if the stock mkt will rise or fall :))
Given enough time, the stock market will both rise and fall. So says the software-engineer-turning-philosopher.
The comments in your blog (and esp. your replies to them) are as interesting as your blog itself! :) A wonderful start to the day!
@rajesh - profound. i'm out of stock to say anything more :)

@rathish - thank you! this is my comment to your comment on comments :)
Damn you!i have run out of adjectives to compliment you...so here is a new set...
Yakka ogiuiy aiwhr bAuehf Vag38snb !

@kumari - yakad fof dfdjf sahkop
You know what happens when you blog so often? I can't comment on all your posts! :( (Damn, did I just sound like a stalker or what! Eeks!)

Goood stuff as always :)
Megha you know what happens when you dont comment on my posts - i dont have to reply and therefore have more time to blog and therefore you can't comment and therefore ..........
Ah, the bane of being a the family tech support guy. Esp. with a brother who installs every piece of junk spyware that he can lay his hands on and has just discovered the wonderful world of internet pornography. He owes me big time for covering his ass.
OK, Vignesh beat this - every time an e-mail bounces back, my dad holds me and the entire Computer frat responsible :)
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