Friday, February 25, 2005

Love Coupons - a simple solution to a complex problem 

Yes! Love makes you a different man! You do things which you'd never do, if it wasn't for that someone hushing next to you in a sweet voice, saying, "Won't you do this even for me?". Bingo! The last sentence is like saying "You better do this if you wanna remain with me" and boy, does it work! Take a certain graduate student in Southern California for example (now who could this be?). I've been told that he challenged his manhood by sitting through a screening of How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days and later topped it by actually wearing pink trousers once - for that "special someone". In defense of this special someone, it is rumored, that she accompanied Mr. Grad Student for Daredevil (which even he regrets) on none other than Valentine's Day ! There are countless other examples; like Ms. Special being forced to listen to Hip Hop and Mr. Grad Student eating tofu with everything (and he means everything). Sadly, things dint work out for them and they now sit and regret why they ever did these things (or do they?) :(

Every time a relationship ends, one person feels more cheated - feels that he/she got the raw deal - feels he/she compromised/sacrificed more. This leads to bitterness and I had to come up with some idea to solve this crisis :) So hola! Ladies and gentleman, be prepared to be greeted with the idea of the century - Love Coupons!!!!!

Love coupons will cost nothing but have the individual's name engraved (or printed) on it. They'll come in different denominations (but you don't pay to get them). So every time your girl friend, X, asks you to sit with her for Legally Blonde, you charge her Love Coupons worth $10/screening. Similarly when X accompanies you for dinner at your stamp loving friend's house, she'll charge you coupons at the rate of $5/hr. If the relationship works out - GREAT! These coupons are worthless then and I suggest both parties burn them before the wedding date. Sadly, if things turn sour, then both parties should bring out their coupons, calculate the difference and whoever's at an advantage should pay out. That's it - so now when X asks you to go out with her painful cousin, you can simply charge her coupons worth $1000. That'll make her think twice before leaving you later :)

P.S. This whole thing makes me think of European Football Club exchanges. Once can actually buy out someone else's boy friend by paying the $500 he owes the girl :)) A win win situation for all.

P.P.S. We are all eagerly waiting for the ultimate name in relationships - Gamemaster G9, to shower us with more info on this topic.

May I humbly try to top the Daredevil story? On Valentine's Day 2001 I went to see Hannibal (yeah I did!). With a significant other, of course. Is it any coincidence that he is no longer my sig other?
What? You dint think Hannibal is a good V Day movie? I though it's a perfect dinner date movie (anybody who has seen the movie knows what I'm talking abt) :))

jokes apart - yes, you win hands down Urmea.
Hmmm... well, I don't have any stories that even come close.

One of the advantages of dating someone who a) earns 5 times what you do, b) owns a car and drives, and c) hates taking decisions; is that all activities undertaken were of my choosing, and never paid for by me.

However, there came a time when she took one rather major decision unilaterally...
if i even remotely know how women work .. for every coupon you charge them you'll pay 5. First of all how on earth are you gonna ask her for that coupon. I give your relationship 5 minutes .. nay 5 seconds after that first demand.
Face it dude .. it is a lose-lose situation. You'll end up with no gal, a longing for Legally Blonde 4 and in debt.
@G9 - My the force be with you.

@Sanketh - You have quite a point there. But they say that all relationships stand on honesty and I'm counting on that :)) (and I start laughing to myself)
I second that motion and suggest an addendum to the proposed utility of these coupons - we need to make sure they take into account international phonecalls and gifts exchanged.

Man, that would make me.... [counting]... HOLY CRAP !
oooh...Boys growing into men :)
And there are girls like me...giving all my coupons upfront and wondering what i should trade with...*sigh* :)
@Vignesh - if my intl calls i redeem can
i my friend will be a much richer man :))

@Kumari - the answer to ur q lies at the end of ur commen titself - the secret weapon of women - a million $ smile - redeem it for coupons :) (sadly, a man's smile is worth peanuts)
Ummm, Sagnik - what exactly is a "commen titself", and what lies at its end? Could it be that commen is a misspelling of common, and there should be a comma between the t and s of the second word?

That would make it "...your q lies at the end of your..." - never mind
Aaaaargh! I meant "comment itself" and shame on you Gamemaster for using punctuation marks to create double meanings (albeit brilliantly) and corrupting the imagination of all those little children who use this blog for educational reasons :)
I thought Hannibal was a good movie entertainment-wise, but not for Valentine's Day. (Book was far better though). In fact, I don't think any movie is good for Valentine's day - nor any dinner etc.

On Valentine's day we stay home, rather than fight the crowds of couples so desperate to have the perfect romantic date at hugely inflated prices.

I like the concept of the day, but I don't like the crowds or the way people are setting themselves up for disaster. Even the most romantic must admit that no outing ever quite met the expectations.

Anyway, the last time we saw a movie in a theater was in 1999, and that wasn't in the States :-)

I seem to have drifted off topic - aah well.
Very curious to know that last seen movie in the theater was?? It either must have been a classic to not let any other movie meet the expectation or it must have been something really lousy to have put u away for a while :)
PINK TROUSERS????? did you really do that????
Double dose: "The general's daughter" and "The world is not enough", seen in Durban, South Africa. What can I say, we had some time to kill and those were the best options among the ones playing there.
@Anon - me??? what made you think that was me??? however, the grad student from CA actually did try out pink trousers coz the "then special someone" wanted to see "how cute" he looked :)

@Sivani - Sivani, you can't stop visiting theatres after these movies. Time have changed. If you have to stop visiting theatres you should do it with Kill Bill II. Seriously!
damn! I thought you were the one with the pink trousers. Sheesh! So what color did you wear?
pink :(
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