Friday, February 11, 2005

Mark of Protest :)
After having received several comments expressing concern, surprise and sympathy over the blogging frequency in this part of the web, the author of this blog has been deeply moved and disturbed. He shudders in fear to think that the outside World imagines him to be a jobless graduate student (and the term jobless has multiple connotations for graduate students - each more scary than the other) and lets out scary shrieks every time he sees his reflection in the pond. As a mark of protest he has decided what every sane person would do in such a situation - to not blog till his next post :)

I hate to be heartless so i'll offer some tissue, but I will still sigh in relief.. *phew*
i know that there is some emoticon that means agry face but i don't know which one - so to you heartless woman - imagine that emoticon :)
Heartless, he says! Waste of a perfectly good tissue, I say.

The emoticon in question — X-(

No no no - please keep blogging! I found your blog through Ani's and may I say it is absolutely hilarious on the most part (except for the puns - about which I will say no more)! So please keep those posts coming.
Yet another jobless blogger
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