Sunday, February 27, 2005


I woke up this morning with memories trying to get the better of me. You know - one of those days where the opposition catches you off guard. The mind greeted me with a few full tosses, easy lofty deliveries that I tossed around and felt good. Some of them even brought a smile on my face. "Ah! Those were the days," I said. However, I was aware that easy full tosses meant only one thing - that lethal yorkers were lurking around in the corner ... and soon they started coming, coming aplenty. I quickly shifted to my back foot, trying to take a defensive stance. I had no plans of getting the better of these canons. I just wanted to survive their attack and put them aside; put them aside for another weekend afternoon. Sadly, the bowler knew his trade well. My defensive stance was broken with another lofty hurl. The corner of my mind leaped forward, trying to warn me that this spelt disaster. But it was too late. I was lured forward and hit the ball with all my might. I could see it rise high to all new levels of lonelisness against the blue sky. For a moment I felt good. I thought I had driven it all away to where it deserved to be; but somehow, with the corner of my eyes, I can see a fielder running, trying to catch the ball. I'm not looking but I hear the other fielders shouting. Maybe they have got me again. Sigh!

The best option is to BAN the mind from playing the 'gentleman's game' in this highly un-gentlemanly manner...But again, there are gulleys n side alleys where it will always be played; in the rain & in the shine...Just try to stay at the crease, by hook or by crook! :)
@Kumari - as the mythical "they" say, "men will always fall for the deep fine leg" :)
I do have a nice retort for this but then that would paint me as not-so-cultured un-lady-like person BUT i care 2 hoots :p:p

My retort : And again as the "mythical" they say the deep fine leg do get trapped at short leg ;-)
bravo bravo *roaring applasue* we men are stumped and bowled over :)
Was it Third Man who described David Boon as the quintessential backward short square?
@Sivani (and a note to Kumari) - cheap jokes abt the game of cricket was the only area where men claimed superiority over the fairer sex but thanks to you people that's gone too :( It aint a gentleman's game anymore :((
Sagnik, I might have to refer you to an old post of mine.

Not only did I live the game, but I got to rub shoulders (and shake hands) with many of the world's greatest players. Even to consider me as an incomer is sacrilege!
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