Sunday, February 06, 2005

MonoBlog Part Deux
Well well! Some people liked the monoblog (blog + monologue) that I wrote a few days back and so I decided to do some more of it. So these are some news snippets from the last few days with crap added from my side. Enjoy (hopefully)!

Nepal's king has overthrown the country's fully functional government. The last king to do such grave injustice to people by misusing power was ... King Kong.

A leading California departmental chain is planning to use fingerprint recognition to expedite the billing process. May I recommend the tag line "Come, Give us the finger for better service".

Michael Jackson said in a rare television interview this week that he is being targeted for his celebrity status. The bigger the artist the bigger the attack. Sorry to say Mr. Jackson - it's not the big things but the small ones that are causing you so much trouble.

Isn't it ironic that the lead star of a show called "The Simple Life" has a name that sounds Richy.

According to anannova.com, a court in Italy has ordered a man to pay maintenance to his divorced wife for their pet dog. So now the man has to pay for both the dog and the bitch.

Critics all over the US have finally all agreed that the new love-flick, "The Wedding Date", is a disgrace to the film medium. What was initially being touted as a "Debra Messing (of Will and Grace) film" is now being seen as "Debra messing around with film".

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