Tuesday, February 08, 2005

More beating around the ...
I mentioned the issue of flogging two posts below and just wanted to add something to that. This concerns my mom. I was really scared of Mummum as a kid but not because she would hit me - as a matter of fact Mummum rarely ever hit us ... but she always used the most effective set of threats.

In retrospect all of Mummum's threats were highly innovative, highly impossible and highly effective. She would stare at me and my sis, the eyes would start turning angry and then she'll say with a crystal clear no-nonsense voice, "One more bad word from your mouth and I'll hit you with a ceiling fan" OR "Don't make me throw you from the fourth floor into the dumpster" OR "Pummy, if you shout in this house just one more time, I'll make your nose blunt like a doll". When I think back abt these threats, I marvel at the originality they oozed. Who else would offer to "lock the TV with chains" if I dint study hard enuff OR my personal favorite, "If you two don't behave I'll be forced to keep a dog in this house". Result - I studied my tiny kid buttock off to watch television and the fear of dog-bites made sure Pummy and I kept our bickering in control. As we grew older and more matured the threats would change, adapting to the intellect of the age we represented, but always effective to the core.

Mummum obviously didn't do any of these things but the desired effect was always achieved - we kids turned out to pretty well mannered I'd say and ... with minimal use of force. Had Mummum actually tried force we would have probably got used to it in a while and might have just stopped reacting to it but these extremely scary offers were something we Never wanted to put to test. Bravo, Mummum - you are the best.

Interesting way of dealing with things...are u a manager/management student by any chance??
nopy dopy - just a student who barely manages his acads and stuff :)
My Amma's threats were nowhere close to as ingenious as your mum's but they were effective all the same. Hers banked on my emotional sensitivity.One wrong foot and she would go "All my bad luck...my past Karma catching up with me...blah"
She still does it and dammit i still fall for it :)
aha! i mentioned that mom changed her threats with time - now she uses the sentimental angle - "both you and your sis didn't grow up the way i wanted" she will say and sulk. "some day i just feel like leaving for some place without telling anyone" - she will add on - i think we have to get hold of Momma's Hand Book 101 :)
was always a good-child...so neither mom or dad had to use any threats or force......so pretty uneventful on this front...
Ari ... and whatever lessons had to be taught, we seniors in college ragged you and taught you :)
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