Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Morning (Actually Late Night) Realization
It's a terrible idea to ask a person you have a screwed up relationship with - "So why do you think we messed it up?" It's like opening a can of worms in front of someone who has skipped dinner and breakfast - you know you can't digest the content to follow but you still can't help but consider the possibility at least once - for it might just satisfy the hunger ...

eta ekdom bujhlam na...analogy ta mathar opor diye geylo...maane duto ki ek jinish...anyways, how goes the day...smiles and may the force be with you...
well the analogy was basically that you know whatever reason would follow is not gonna be good (tasty) but still every now and then you want to touch the possibility coz you are ungry for the explanation - it was the first thing that came to my mind when i thought abt this - maybe i am strange :( btw, i am really curious to know who you are :) u be happy too.
Dada tumi bhalo write korchee. Aami Bangla nahi bolchi par phir bhi try korchee. Eta comment korbe phir jol khaabo. Next aami bangla mein movie banache, tumi hero just like Utpol da
eta bheeshon aaje baaje...kono maane nei...tobuo likhlam...ichche holo...pore niye delete kore dio...bujhle moshai...jei tuku tomar blog pore bujhi...overly sentimental tumi na...tai hopefully eta pore bhabbe na je kono pagol meye keno boshe boshe erokom kotha ekdin likhechilo...
Our past is over, our non-relationship is over. The letters can and should be burnt, the music should be erased and re-written, the moments banished as foolish indulgence. But the echoes of mindless laughter - what do we do with that? We could laugh it away, or substitute it with more pachak humus, but truly, who are you kidding?
Modi - that was excellent Bengali - I know just one line in Telegu - and that I believe is not suitable for the children :)

To the Anonymous comment writer - that was a brilliant comment ... if i say anything on top of that - it will just screw up the meaning of your post but i'll still try to answer it succinctly - "I wish I could"
Ah.. to think someone actually *asked* me that question once! To which i replied — Best not to ask a question whose answer you are better off not knowing. Apparently that was adequate :)

But on a more serious note, yeah, a screwed-up relationship is much like a bruise. You know you should leave it alone, but you just can't help picking at it. And no matter what you do, it leaves a mark on you. And almost always, its permanent. (My, I am impressed with my own analogy!)
delete korle na...not fair kintu...amar kotha keu shone na...ashole ki janoto...shokoler i bodhhoi ekta unique way of conversing thake...jamon dhoro ami...bheeshon oscillate kori between intimacy and distance...aar ki janoto...probably there is always an uncomplicated elucidation to every human predicament...
edike onno shob complications aache...amar kothai dhoro...onek kichu korte ichche kore...kintu qualms are almost always emotionally uncomfortable to look at... not that it arises due to any predefined situations but they involve questions about what we can and can't be certain of in life in general...
onek boklam...tumi bhalo theko...
shaggy, bah u r comments section has the no-regional language barrier-cool, sorry thanda!(also, modi has tried his best; btw Hi Modi!)- amar money hoy if the answer to the question "So why do you think we messed it up?" is satisfying, a can of worms wont be that bad also! The answer is important, though...
I wonder why someone just has to use 'ashole' instead of a harmless 'actually'. It sounds so much like...you know!
Ah well, din I just watch Meet the Fockers the other day?

In any case, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't 'f off' the simplest and most effective reply?

And yours truly was ISC '99 batch.
Wow - for starters, I'm impressed by the comments myself. In retrospect the "question", though unanswered, was worth it just for the these excellent comments.

Megha - (a) Your "best not to ..." answer sounds bloody original ... it's almost deja vu for me ... even though in my case I din't think that was adequate :) (b) your "bruise analogy" is far better than my distasteful worm stuff. plus in a very twisted yet ironic way - it brings out the topic of pain as well :)

Ari - Dude, every time I hear serious and profound stuff from you I instantly think of entering your room in fourth year when you are all drunk :)) It's an amazing image.

Anonymous poster - I dint delete the post simply coz I really liked it :) once again - who are you???

Biplab - man, I missed the Meet the Fockers connection :( please explain.
Aargh!...a joke gone astray should never be explained. Toh, in case you've already watched it, never mind. If you haven't, please do.
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hehe...shobai shunte paabe...hehehe...bole na...the more the merrier...tobe blog e goppo hoi na...blog e khali..."tare ami chokhe dekhini, tar onek goppo shunechi" hoi...tai na...hehe...tahole tumi bolo kothai goppo korbe...
Umm, could someone please point me to a site that translates from Bengali to English?

Megha, loved the bruise analogy :)
Sagnik, The can of worms analogy isn't so bad, if you think about it.
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Rajesh I am so sorry for the Bengali. But on the bright side this whole thing reminded me of something funny I should post abt. Aha, inspiration :)
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No this ain't the answer to that question but seriously, looks like the whole world is here :)
Megha n Sagnik, the analogies are good!
The best way is to disappear from the scene so you are never confronted with such questions as someone i know is presently doing :)
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