Sunday, February 06, 2005

Well, I was telling Sudhakar that I've always been extremely fortunate to have friends who spoke the language of different talents. In school, when I was trying hard to be the good student my parents wanted me to be, I admired the likes of Nileen for his gift with the pen and stage abilities. He spoke the language of art and there was no way to gain his respect by just quoting formulas from Physics. So I tried hard to learn the language of drama, the vocabulary of poetry and the likes. Even though I dint own an iota of the talent Nileen had, the entire process of learning this new language was fascinating.

Then there was Ranajit, a great quizzard - he spoke the language of knowledge. Modi, whom I later met in college, was another champion in this tongue. Their company taught me to see the beauty in the trivial. Be it music, sports, mathematics, painting or plain old fashioned flirting - I felt lucky to be in the company of people who had mastered these varied, yet exciting, dialects of talent. So to Pallav, Jojo, Abhik, Nileen, Ronny, Modi et al. - thank you guys - for making me aware that there's so much to learn and appreciate.

Sadly, it's been three years into graduation and the only languages that my peers here seem to speak are C, C++ and Java :(

Have THE you THE ever THE tried THE 'the' language?
You THE should THE do THE it...

Jor Jhe J Janguage?

Ipitip isp weperypy nipicepe :)

OOps! i am in one of those 'charitable' moods and insanity is what i have in loads to share :-D
Have a nice weekend!
Oh my Mom and I speak the T languagae which we annoyingly use when we want to discuss something abt dad or sis - "Ask dad to change the channel" becomes "Itask Ditad Tito Chittange Ditta Chittanel". It's fairly st fwd and Mom has tried teaching my more diff versions but moi hasn't mastered those :(
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