Friday, February 25, 2005

My Current Obsessions 

I had to promote these two things, though I'm not sure if they need any promotion. The first in Monk, the hilarious detective series on USA network. It's one of the rare mixes of novel storylines, brilliant performances (Tony Shalhoub had already bagged the Emmy and Golden Globe) and excellent humor. I'm totally smitten by it. Subs and I've been watching non-stop DVDs and will very strongly recommend it.

The second thing that's keeping me occupied is Eminem's Mockingbird. I dunno if any of you like hip hop but irrespective of your liking this song should be heard. The song deviates from normal hip hop rhythm to almost sound like a desperate lullaby, sung by a father and not a rap superstar. Brilliant!

but hasn't eminem done that before...i mean where he raps and a good song runs in the background...like in stan or live for the moment....do u know what u call such genre of songs...not just hip-hop....p. diddy also did a couple of them ....i think tis pretty cool..and u just cant call them remixes....
I don't think tht's the case with this song. The trend you are talking abt you is pretty old (if I remember right it started with Run DMC and Aerosmith jammin together). In P Diddy's case it was more like a tribute to Biggy and that's why he used Sting's song. I don't thing this song is like that.
i was just curious if this kinda music has any term? if not, i am still happy.
I recommend Monk too. I like the humor in particular. Tony Shalhoub is just brilaint in it. Initially the producers of Monk approached all the big networks only to be refused. Now the big ones like ABC is playing the reruns bought from USA network. Life they say is a big leveller.
yay..my first genuine comment without any digs at Mr.Nandy.
@Ari - no idea if it has a name. lemme know if you find out

@gvenum - Mr. Nandy is touched by ur mornign generosity :)
Since the recommendation has already been seconded, I third it. Monk is awesome!

That reminds me of Tony Shalhoub in an NBC show called Stark Raving Mad, a show much like its title. TS plays a neurotic horror novelist with Neil Patrick Harris as his OCD-suffering germophobe editor (Interesting commonality with Monk eh?) Completely loony and soooo funny. Unfortunately not enough people thought so, so they yanked it off-air mid season :( But watch it if you can in reruns or taped versions. Oh .. last I heard it was re-running in India?
@Megha - I fourth your recommendation. Right now I am in Monk trivia searching quest.

I haven't seen Stark ... but I have seen Galaxy Quest and MIB and in both these movies TS's character has a Monk-ish feel. I think Michael Richards (of Kramer fame) had the same problem. I saw Airheads and Trial and Error and in both thee movies he is exactly like Kramer. For that matter even Mathew Perry carried his Chandler persona in Three to Tango and the Whole * Yard movies.
Run DMC and Aerosmith, damn ! You ARE ancient dude !! That brought hip hop to fledgling non-African American (read white) masses of America man ! And it also brought Adidas to fame ! I think before they make the hole inthe wall, you see one of the Run DMC crew walking down the stairs with Adidas on. Nike, eat your heart out moment !
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