Thursday, February 03, 2005

A few recent happenings in a sliiiightly twisted way. Consider this to be my Leno-ish monologue for Today's Show - something I shall call MonoBlog.

Australian cricketer Jeff Thomson once said "Never refuse a young boy an autograph for he might have an older sister." I realized that we can just retain the "Never refuse a young boy an autograph" part of the quote and use Michael Jackson's name instead and we'll still be left with a joke.

Why doesn't Melania Knauss ever lose a game of cards?
Coz she has the Trump Card.

The New Reality Show featuring people who diligently watch, follow and vote for Fox's American Idol - the American Idle.

Why would Nike want to sign up J-Lo and Mark Anthony?
Coz they just duet.

Reports say that Lindsay Lohan has got sued. Now we are all waiting for her increasing neckline to get sewed.

Which Oscar frontrunner is loosely based on hotel heiress Paris Hilton?
The Million Dollar Baby.

Don't go anyway - we will be right back after a commercial break!

Hi Sagnik. Great blog! I got a kick out of your 'MonoBlog' material. If you're writing that yourself I'm very impressed, I tak in a lot of comedy and you've got material there worth selling/buying. Keep up the comedy!
Hey Dan, Thanks a lot. Yup, I made up the stuff and am glad that you liked it. Cheers :)
Sorry, sorry - was on a commercial break myself. Now that that's over (along with other kinds of breaks), I shall get back to blogging regularly.
My lord, you're baaad! Bad in a good way, of course :)
You have no freaking clue what a HUGE difference this post made to an otherwise extremely bluey, gloomy dull day. Thanks is but understating it!
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Megha, thanks, you know what they say in the country - "Too bads make a good" :)

Kumari - you are a doll.
You deserve to have a show of your own some day. You will have an audience! Also, Aishwariya Rai is on Letterman soon.
BridalBeer - Is she now? When when? If her 60 minutes appearance is anything to go by, it is probably going to be a lot of froth and giggles and no substance, but it'll still be fun to watch and heckle :)
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