Saturday, February 19, 2005

No problem
Rakesh lured me to having dinner in an "Authentic Chinese Restaurant" tonight. What I dint realize was exactly how authentic this place would turn out to be. We saw items in the menu that I thought were only found on Fear Factor (Rakesh ordered an intestine dish!). Yanyway, the lady who took our orders dint speak any English - and I mean "any" English. After "pointing" to the item that I wanted to eat, moi tried to ensure that the chicken-dish had no bones. I'm providing the summary of the conversation and yeah, I'm dramatizing it a tad bit BUT 95% of it happened:

Me: Does the chicken come with bones?
She: Bones.
Me: Does it have bones?
She: Bones.
Me: I want no bones.
She: Yes.
Me: Yes? Does it have bones?
She: Yes. No bones.
Me: No bones, right?
She: Yes. No.

At this point Sid assured me that there would be no bones of contention. I agreed.

This is totally hilarious... so, where is the exaggeration?
And I guess like some Bloggers, there are some commentors who are insomniacs too! :)
Hey, Thank you. Well the exaggeration is in no particular place but I might have added an extra Yes or No - Who Nos :)
"an extra Yes or No - Who Nos"

You mean eNos!
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