Thursday, February 24, 2005

Nothing - seriously 

When I took the film making class, two of the fellow students did a film that was supposed to poke fun at artistic cinema. The film was an absolute farce with no meaning whatsoever, but done in black and white, with a serious undertone and slow background music. Surprisingly, a lot of people tried to infer meaning from the film, till it became evident that it was just a sham (I'm not joking but they had a man, sitting in a kangaroo costume that was tight around his crotch, talking to a girl). This made me re-realize that once you are famous you can pretty much do anything you want and people will wear their clever buttocks off, trying to see sense in what you do (this is what I feel abt some of the modern artists' paintings). So here are some lines I came up with that sound profound (at least to me) but have absolutely no meaning. So, I can't even say - enjoy :)

  • Insanity is a virtue of self motivated destruction.

  • A receptive mind has a deceptive hind.

  • The modern man has managed to subdue the neanderthal instincts that led to the eviction of human subjugation.

  • Control your anger before it becomes uncontrollable; for then the man is beyond control.

  • ... and finally a poem ...

  • I sit and watch
    They walk by
    They sit with me
    I walk by
    Bye bye.

    Man that is deep, deep in s**t
    oh crap!

    Man, you rock! Another Wordsworth in the making :) Well, at least Lewis Caroll. :D
    @rajesh - thank you! i'd like to thank barry wienberg for having faith in me and giving me the money needed to make this movie, my beuatiful wife cynthia and the academyy :)
    Is the hangover from the party u had in bangalore still on?
    hangover - over - grrrrrrr!
    "I don't suffer from insanity...i enjoy every moment of it" -- Found on Shankar Bhawan T-Shirt :p
    @kumari - i remember telling a friend once - "i wonder why people are scared of in-sanity; they should be scared when they are out of it" :)
    Man, this is some stuff that I have to take a copy of to our next drunk and high meets. This will be real deep in that context.
    @Vignesh - high five to u :)
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