Sunday, February 20, 2005

An Observation, a question and a comment
I'd seen it in a bunch of English movies and TV shows earlier and yesterday I noticed it in person - girls often go to the restroom together. From the little I've gathered from the visual medium (no first hand experience of this) - women have a far greater comfort zone inside restrooms - they exchange opinions on how boring the evening was till then ("Rob looks slightly down today, do you think it's because of work?"), ask each other a few make up related questions ("That's a nice shade of lipstick, where did you get that ...") and stuff - basically if you've seen enuff English movies you must have seen the basin area, with the mirror in front, being use as a conversation zone for sure. Men on the other hand (and this I know from personal experience) are far more wary inside a toilet. We go, blah blah and we're back. Rarely would you see two men whisper after dinner, smile and say "We'll just be back from the toilet. Excuse us." The men reading this know and the women reading this know now that we almost NEVER have a toilet tete-a-tete. If at all anything, we refuse to even acknowledge the fact that everybody needs to use the toilet. The other day, during my skiing trip, I needed to give my hands a prolonged dose of hot water pouring and almost every man who came into the toilet gave me the "He came before me and why's he still here look." It was almost like I was guilty for using the basin for that long. Is it just me or does this actually happen in practice? If it does happen - well, interesting social phenomenon!

P.S. Toilet Trivia (it doesn't get any crappier): Does anyone know abt the origin of the word 'loo'?

Taken from www.etymonline.com,

loo (1) Look up loo at Dictionary.com
"lavatory," 1940, but perhaps 1922, probably from Fr. lieux d'aisances, "lavatory," lit. "place of ease," picked up by British servicemen in France during World War I. Or possibly a pun on Waterloo, based on water closet.
Hmmm! Well this isn't the one I had (my sources were good old kolkata quizes and I checked it again on the web as well). So lesse if anybody else has any other answer ...
The Watch out answer ?!!
Yes, Happy that's the one I know - the one where there's a lot of shit flowing :)
Just when I was about to start dishing out the whole etymmology starting from the French, going through the corruption of gardy-loo I stop to actually read the comments first, and find out that you guys already seem to know about it.

I'm getting old - you can start calling me Aunty now.
Actually where I grew up we had to call anyone ten years older than us Aunty or Uncle. There were some siblings who by rights should have called their elders that then :-)

Come to think of it, I know of at least two marriages where to wife called the husband "Uncle"... and there were a few more than 10 years involved too!
@Sivani - I once went for a marriage where little kids were running arnd and calling the bride "grandmom" :))
This reminds me of the loo in Fame Adlabs a multiplex in Andheri, Mumbai. Above the IR sensing flusher of every urinal pot, they have small plates with famous lines from movies (One example-- Roger Moore - "I am precisely aiming at your groin now.Either give up or forever hold your piece" !
@Srini - this is brilliant! My fav urinal line - "Now u are really pissing me off!"

Some great minds have already been set to race on this topic.

Have to agree with you on the loo-etiquette though. But, not to be gross or something, is loud farting alright ? Its happened to me a lot of times in the US and back here in India too, the guy standing next to me would just let one rip ! It IS a loo, but then again, it is FARTING ! What does the world think ?
Sagnik, IM me on YM. Dunno your ID (mine is fd97091)

Btw, that loo-line is damn cool.Next time, I think I'll try to remember the other placards in Fame Adlabs :)
I see you are getting popular!!
@Vignesh - Hey, thanks for the link! Wow, people have debated over all sorts of things. Sadly, can't comment on the gassy topic - haven't faced too much of it :)

@Srini - have already added u to yahoo mssngr

@Modi - it's all because of you :)
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