Friday, February 18, 2005

On Treasuring Gifts #2
Actually, I can't blame my friend X for treasuring the bouquet (see post below) given by his lady love. Five years back, in a moment of togetherness, G had decided to give me something "special" too. She gave me a cactus branch (and I'm not making this up). It was a palm-long, bottle green branch with a zillion thorns on it. I used to keep it on my table and every three weeks, like a surprise pop-quiz, G would call me and enquire abt the branch. I used to joke saying that the gift made me feel t(horny) and made sure that I wasn't the only prick in the relationship. Aaaah! How sentimental!

The little white puppy with a red necktie stopped licking the owner's feet. "How sweet!" the owner exclaimed. "Great!" the puppy thought, "now let's do it doggy style!"

Weirdly enjoyable as these vignettes of yours are, but as an aside, has anyone ever told you that you're one darned hell of a sadistic bas***d? :))

Keep blo'ing - more, more and more.
na - the only part of sadistic that applies to me are the first three letters :)
hmm...hope the first 3 letters of the profanity applies to the other 3 letters....darn soon!
(Er...read in Hindi :p)

@Kumari - dint understand what u said :(( OHT! Please X-plain.
it's Bad: when you write really pj comments.
But it's Worse: when the reader doesn't understand it :(

Well i wanted to put an 'end' to your 'sadness':)
Bas(from Bas***d) - isn't it enough in Hindi?
Sad(from sadistic) --your despondency
Shorry shor shhe shad shomment :(
whoa! that was neat funda! and i thought i had my way with puns :( btw, is that sh language? my mom and i use the T language and its awesome fun
Tyes...Tas Tin T Tanguage? :)
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