Wednesday, February 02, 2005

On why I work out
I was telling a friend yesterday that men normally don't like to accept that they work-out hard. Be it a man with "jutting flab" or a man with "chiseled ab", we always shield the "Do you work out?" question with either "Sometimes ... if I get the time" or "Not really. Well ... urr ... every now and then". As it turns out, when it comes to working out, our dream is not just to be tight-shirted but tight-lipped as well. Women, on the other hand, are far more forthright with their regimen. "Yes, I do yoga and pilates. Plus I swim over the weekends ... moreover of late I try eating vegetarian," they'll tell you honestly. So lemme be honest as well. Yes, I work out and by the progress of things I must say that I need to work out even more. So here are the top 3 reasons why I frequent the sweaty gyms:

1. With age, the men in my family seem to adopt a shape that resembles a pregnant walking stick - we portray the wild "chicken n beer" culture by sporting chicken legs and beer bellies.

2. Some day I too would like to use the term "six pack" as opposed to "three and a half curves" for my abs.

3. Have you seen these yoga doing, pilate learning, meat loathing women? Have you? If Yes, I need not say any more and if No - well, you too should join me in the gym :)

I want to feel your muscles. You are my macho man.
sadly Modi even I wanna feel my muscles but for that I need them to develop first :(
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