Friday, February 11, 2005

I just realized that some people thought I was discontinuing blogging - No Way! The last line of the previous post was a joke (on the same lines as the addict who once said that "leaving smoking is easy, I don't smoke between two cigarettes"). It's raining in SD, that might mean that my weekend skiing trip might get cancelled - so blogging is the only respite I have from coding :( So for now lemme just post a realization I had fifteen mins back:

What is the difference between a workaholic and a sexaholic?
One keeps wondering "what to do next" while the other ponders on "who to do next".

Way to go dude!...:)))
"Race no bar, caste no bar, sex bar bar!!".. chaliye jao ;)
Damn, that respite lasted all of two hours. Oh well, one lives in hope..
Dada please haath tuloon.
Ani - you have clean bowled me with a full tos - please explain :(
5 hours, 45 minutes, and counting.

*drumming fingers on table impatiently*

5 hours, 46 minutes, and counting.

No post yet.

5 hours, 47 minutes, still counting...


5 hours, 48 minutes...

Ummm... Sagnik, everything okie at your end?
like the mean machine in that mean machine movie - "i'm back"
what bout the alcoholic? - what to drink next?
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