Thursday, February 10, 2005

Papa Don't Preach
While on the topic of my dad, I have to confess that Bubin and I never had "that father-son talk" which is supposed to gently cuddle up the child in a blanket of wordly knowledge and place him cautiously on the path to adulthood. Dad took an easier route - he just broadened my social circle to include a bunch of over sexed teenagers who taught me the true meanings of birds, bees, flowers and deflowering. So now, every time dad wants to pass on some awkward advice, we manage to reach an all new level of awkwardness, with Bubin making extensive use of his "I saw on TV" card.

For example, when I was leaving for US, he called me one day with Mom being made to strategically leave the room. "I saw on TV that in California (long awkward pause) people often go to clubs and ... (a much longer and more awkward pause) have unprotected sex," he said; getting a lot more embarrassed than I did. "Bubin .." I tried to stop him. "No, no! I'm not saying that you'll do anything. Just that, sometimes friends get down together and ..." I had to cut him mid-way and reassure him that the only stuff a bunch of Computer Science PhDs would probably do together is solve Homework Problem 3. Bubin smiled a smile of relief, feeling proud abt his son's promised celibacy.

A few days back the key board of my laptop stopped working, probably because the keys got "board" (the true mark of a bad writer is to sneak in disgusting puns). At some point I mentioned this to my mom who in turn informed Bubin. The next time we spoke he started with his trademark, "They were showing on TV that if you visit 'adult sites' your machine can get a virus". What? For starters, what does my dad think of me? Boy! Do I have a reputation to mend? Secondly, I've been playing around with computers for the past ten years and I think I can differentiate between a hardware error and a hacker's attack. Quickly Bubin jumped to make amends - "No, I mean - a lot of your friends also use your machine, right?" Hmmmm!

However, the reason I'm mentioning all this is courtesy the latest news Bubin has heard. "I saw on TV that a 4 year old kid in US drove his mother's car to a video store," he started yesterday. Now, even I had seen this story and had even wondered what the kid had in store for him (the bad writer sneaks in again) but to have Bubin worry abt this incident seemed unfathomable. "Bubin, in case you missed it - I'm no longer four." I informed him. "No, no," the old defense started, "I meant that since you drive around a lot, you better be careful because these kids might also be driving on the road. So you should be very careful."

I assured my dad that there were no 4 year old toddlers driving on the streets of SD and that all risky drivers here were above the age of eight. The old dahling missed my joke. "What????" he replied, more concerned than before :)

very very hilarious - makes me wanna meet your parents even more... tumi ki chweet!
please let all ur single friends know that too :) my sweet family will join in chorus with me to thank you then
Your parents seem sooo adorable in all your tales! If I knew you better, this would be the point where i'd make some wiseass remark about how the genes skipped a generation, but since I don't really know you, i'll be nice and stay mum ;)
was it irony or planned humor that you decided to stay "mum" :)) no no, feel free to make fun of me any time you want and if you feel bad later then just send me cash or home cooked food in return :)
You must have figured out that we cook only Telugu food at home - no Bengali treats.

But seriously, there's very few cities in the US where a vegetarian can realistically survive on restaurant food, especially if they are not that keen on tofu and alfalfa sprouts. Those are the times you think the Bengalis and Goans have it easy ;-)
This is becoming a cliched but your comment made me remember something that I will post abt :)
Oh you actually caught that! Yes yes, very much planned, but didn't think you'd notice :) For just this, a seven course meal shall be cooked.
any kind of food, cash, cheque or food will be highly appreciated by the PhD specie. incidentally, i thought that i'm the only luny awake at 2.30 in the morning but i guess u beat me :(
These are the times I wish I was Sagnik Nandy. Oh wait, I stand corrected. I wish I was Sagnik Nandy all the time...
dada, my dad also discusses the same things...so can u pass on some food ...puhleez..
Ronny Dam - are ou flirting with me :))

Ari - creep, I thought you were supposed to ook for me. now stop trying to avoid the whole thing.
Point duly noted. And yes, we are quite nocturnal. They don't call us an uloo for nothing, you know. Oh, if you thought 2:30am was bad, may I gently remind you that was 5:30am for me :)
first of all Ari, that word in my comment that reads "ook" is supposed to be "cook" - i shudder in fear to think of the other possibilities that can be construed

Megha - 5.30?? what? why? that's not even late sleeping anymore, more like waking up early :)
Yesh correcto. Not sleeping at all results in the blurring of lines between sleeping late and waking up early. As for why, oh don't ask. Meri dukh bhari kahaani sun ke tumhein kya milega.. *striking of sad pose a la Meena Kumari*
Aha! and I thought I was filmi :) (saying this I get up and start dancing like the evergreen Dev Anand)
As the booming voice in the B4U ad says — Filmi, verrrry filmi. (To be honest it never made much sense as a punchline, but its still so memorable!)

Realization has just dawned upon me that this is probably the 42nd comment I have written on your blog today. I really need to find something else to do! Tsk tsk..
i am a very good bad person - for every comment ppl leave, i try to post back a comment - and now u've made me realize that i too have written gazzilion comments myself - but it's ok, coz i genuinely have nothing to do (except for an algo i've been working on from morning :( )
And it is precisely this comment for every comment practice of yours (which I am a follower of too, btw) that makes me come back and continue this arbit conversation about nothing :)

Okie, now I should shuttup and leave you to your algo..
Megha, I know that somebody has to stop this practice and ... for now IT'S NOT GONNA BE ME!!!!
Goodie! :)

Okie, this is absolutely the last time I shall respond on this post, at least. At least i'll try. I hope.. *sigh*
like chitra's comment, i too would want to meet the nandys, esp your dad! somewhat like the "american pie" school of knowledge, albeit on a broader scheme of things.
am laffing till tears r deluging out of mi eyes... (kya karen office mein i cant lol -cant afford to run into the risk of getting new nicknames!)
@swathi - thanks :)
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I'll be sure to come back.
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