Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Ploy
I think I have finally come up with a convincing conspiracy theory. I've always said that there are two ways in which an Indian in US can prove his "Indian"ness - (a) show his/her Indian passport in which case the doubtful will still question the authenticity of the leather clad booklet OR (b) simply show the keys to his/her Honda Civic and not even a shred of doubt will remain in the minds of anyone.

So when I read that Honda Civic is being launched in India as a "high end" million rupee sedan, I couldn't help but try cooking up a smelly theory :) It's just a matter of time before the word spreads around in India that the Civic is a realllllly high end luxury sedan. Then all we Indians have to do is send back home a photo of us driving our prized car. The uncles and aunts will instantly hit the roads, with the photo as proof, shouting praises of their over-achieving nephews and nieces. "He drives a foreign car!!! That too a Honda Civic. He is soooo successful. Look at the photo. He took it with his digital camera." So all you people who thought that we needed millions of dollars to make ourselves worthy of home grown praise obviously doubted our Civic senses.

Ploy does work!

guess, u need to continue the sentence

He took it with his digital camera... And he sent it through that postal service called e-mail which is bery phast and it seems he would send movies also through that soon. for all his hard-work, they gave this postal service phree of cost and unlimited access, it seems!
P.S: Of course, I distracted from the 'Civic' code :)

They would never give up on us, do they!!!

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