Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Proof by Obscurity
I don't know if this is common but I meet a lot of people (and have started indulging in it a li'll bit myself as well) who try convincing you things by citing obscure references.

What, there is a car that runs on soda?
Yeah! They had this French magazine. It's very big in ... err ...hmm ... Southern Europe. For some reason you don't get it here. My uncle has a copy. I saw it there. Runs on soda. They say it's All Fizz and No Gas.

Can you argue with such logic? Impeccable.

You've eaten ice creams with chilies in it?
Yes. You haven't? You should seriously go to this town in Madhya Pradesh. It is famous for it's Chili Ice Cream. It's hot and cold at the same time.
Are you sure it's not Chilly Ice Cream.
Dude, have you been to this town?
Then why are you arguing.

... people can just go on like this. In my field I meet several people who start their statements with "I don't remember which magazine I read this in but ..." or "This is classified information, so it's still not published but ...". You can never prove these people wrong and have to just quietly agree to whatever they let out.

I shouldn't complain. I've started using this technique myself. Every time my apartment mates want me to go for a movie that I don't wanna watch I'll say, "Oh I saw this review on a film show in ... hmmm ... can't remember the channel. They said it's overrated. Do u still wanna see it?".

Chah! I feel bad, but then it works. Don't believe me? This is a proven theory. You can check out this book by an Indian author ... hmmm . I forget his name ... but he shows it conclusively :)

This happened to me today...

Person A: "Women drivers in Delhi contribute to majority of the traffic problem". This is after his failue in extricating the car from a pool of badly parked cars. Women drivers' fault - one of them was backing out of a parking space (smoothly) 10 cars away...

I: (Sceptical look) Yeah?

Person A: "Yes, it has been proved empirically. There is 'empirical data' around it"

I: "Who did the study?"

Person A: "Someone. But seriously, its the truth!"
Not sure about Chili Ice Cream, but ever eaten Fried Ice Cream? No? It's supposed to be quite nice. No never tried it myself, but it comes highly recommended.

How can they fry ice cream? Oh, they take the icecream and dip it in hot oil. No, of course it doesn't melt. They're frying it, na.
You should go to this restaurant 'Cascade', in Chennai - on Nungambakkam High Road. They've got it on their menu.

(And I'm not making this up :P)
u know what fried ice creams really exist- trust me- a friend's cousin's girlfriend had actually tasted it!
to both Rajesh and Ari - I have actually tasted fried ice cream. So rajesh your sources were right. It's not fried with oil for sure but some kind of heating is used so that the ice cream tastes crunchy in parts. Can't say if I liked it :(
i've had chilli ice cream. chocolate chilli ice cream. at this shop called G&D's in oxford which specialises in producing flavours that customers ask for. I don't know who asked for this one..but it was pretty ghastly.
Great blog!!! Stumbled across it randomly. In response to the proof by obscurity bit, my favorite response is, of course, to resort to sarcasm and insist "Well, I can't argue with THAT logic!"
Hey Sagnik!

My sources are me! I may have avoided Fried Ice Cream like the plague, but I've watched people bite into it :)
Hmm, if you ever go to Madras, go to the Residency Hotel. In the Chinese Restaurant there they serve Fried Ice Cream such as I've never had before or since.

These are actually little servings, fried in coconut batter crust, and is warm and gooey-melty when it is served. Most of the Fried Ice Cream served in Mexican restaurants here are full scoops, frozen rock solid, rolled in crumbs and nuts and then flash fried.

Different, not bad, but nowhere near as nice as the other one.

*off to check ticket prices to India...*
Sweet Avocado-Green Chili Ice CreamChocolate Chili Ice Cream (although I am a little concerned by the line in the recipe that says: Wear rubber....)
Ok! Courtesy Antara (aka Buchu) and Sivani it has been conclusively shown that Chili Ice Cream exists!
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