Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Everybody is over excited abt Aishwarya Rai's appearance on David Letterman tonight. Now there are two schools of thought abt Ash - (a) she is whoaaaaaaaaaaaa AND (b) she is whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa but very plastic and irritating to listen to. I somehow subscribe to the second school of thought and feel that the interview will be a real "pain in the Ash".

Since I am in Calcutta, I hope you will play "Vidur" and explain the interview in faithful detail.
Not to rain on your excitement or anything, but isn't it tomorrow, Wednesday the 9th? Or am I misinformed as always?
Hey, Megha my source is http://www.cbs.com/latenight/lateshow/. so now you are Miss Informed :)
my thoughts alike man. that cbs interview was a nightmare!! why doesn't good ole Sush get all the attention? she'll handle it with a lot more grace .. or so i think ...

(This is the nicest thing I have had to say about a bong in a long long time :) )
The entire bong community is so lucky today-
at last we caught the imagination of u guys....
i urge the blogging community to not indulge in a war of Indian communities in my blog space :) it is time the bongs and non-bongs join force to fight our common enemy - the aliens :) cheers.
Theres no fighting here Mr Nandy! It was just a note of relief that finally the bongs got appreciated by Nonte and Fonte...
So who's the Keltuda out here? ;)
Btw, since Nontey-Phontey has come up anyways...I always used to wonder why the trio always had that perennial "cake" to fight over...I mean, why never over chicks or any other non-food items...mean, why the darned fetish for cake?!!...hmmm...ki hangla rey baba!
oh, i have actually thought abt this one - not in the context of Nontey Fontey (who for the sake of other readers are bengali comic characters) though. i think cakes bring out the anger once they are thrown on some one's face - i mean it goes swashhh on the face but at the same time the viewer doesn't feel coz the cake is all soft - it's like an icing on the cake.
Duh uh...?
na na - i meant that fighting over cakes would eventually lead to fighting with cakes - which is always a comic situation or so we say
darn it! didn't mean piss anyone off!

and how did she do?

Sagnik...N&F live in India...so given the amount of running around they do in the summer heat, the icing is bound to melt even before they really get to wage the wars...so cakes, you see, won't really be that useful!

U la la...it's post midnight - so uncensored g-driving (which btw, is a typical IITK-ish parlance) is allowed, right?...:)
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sorry last post had to be deleted for terrible typos (blogger should have a feature to edit posts)

Sanketh - its West Coast - so we are still waiting for Ms. Rai's interview :)

Biplab - now you just popped the cherry to my icing logic :(
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