Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Subs came to me early in the morning, wearing his trademark green full-sleeved shirt, all ready for his internship interview. "There are 4 people - standing in the sequence D C B A i.e. D can see C, B and A, C can see B and A etc. There are 3 blue hats, 2 yellow hats and a pink hat and each one of them is wearing a hat from this set. D says he doesn't know the color of his hat and C and B say the same abt their hats. Hearing this A correctly guesses the color of his own hat. What is the color of A's hat?"

Now lemme mention two things - (a) this is not the best way to wake me up in the morning when I ideally like to browse through news and film reviews and (b) people who know me, know how passionate I am abt puzzles. A part of me thought of saying "Nope. Shall do it later" but then a different part of me had already started thinking abt the problem. While I sat, thinking abt hats and the colorful melange, Sid joined me and started cracking jokes on "Why can't they just open the hats and check it? Was the one with the pink hat a girl? Do you wear hats?" the man bombarded me with questions galore. Now, strange as it may sound, I work much better with distractions coz then I think extra hard to just get done with the problem (I attribute this trait to growing up with a boisterous sister). Now the problem is done, I can get back to reading the news and you people can think on the problem if you care.

BTW, if you like puzzles, at one point I had put some of them on my other defunct site. Check out the ones under "Hola". They are neat (or so I'll say)!

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