Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Road Taken, yet ...
A list of ten things I think all (most) of us have done but don't openly talk abt (at least without a good story backing it up) :) Correct me if I'm wrong.

1. Googled our own names (once, twice, ...).

2. Totally assumed and believed that someone has a crush on us without ever confirming.

3. Hoped we had ordered what somebody else had ordered during a restaurant dinner.

4. Farted in public and still pretended to get disgusted by the creep who did it.

5. Imagined ourselves in the protagonist's role while watching a movie.

6. Felt we are smarter than someone who consistently did better than us in class.

7. Realized in the middle of an argument that we are wrong but still continued to defend our opinion passionately.

8. Looked into the mirror and thought "You do look dashing tonight.'

9. Read a book and thought that we have what it takes to make a great author.

10. Read a blog and thought - "Why didn't I think of this?" ...

1. What kind of a maniac does that?
2.Come on everyone knows you secretly desire me (in a completely platonic way I might add)
3.You rather hope that someone else wants to share their dinner with you
4. See 1
5. Everybody knows I could'nt do the movie because I was too busy trying to complete my Masters
6. See Step 4
7. In my defence the aliens did in fact look like Paris Hilton.
8. Well, Dont I?
9. Na.. not really
10. Punk this!!
Other than #6 and #10, I have indulged in the other acts definitely....
So true. LOL great blog.
Where do you get all these ideas from ??

-> I search my name in google everyday !
-> Not just hoped that we had ordered what someone else has ordered.. sometimes..I go ahead and ask the waiter..which one is better.. the one I ordered or the people on the other table!
-> I always felt I was smarter than anyone else in my class..even though I flunked and that guy came out with flying colors !
-> And when I realize that I am wrong..and I am in the middle of an argument..I stammer at first..dont seem to collect my thoughts..things get so messy and still I continue defending myself..for ego sake..I guess
-> I always thought I can write better than Enid Blyton
-> Whenever I read your blog....I think..'Why didn't I think of this?'...
@modi - chah! why dint i think of this as a way to comment :)) and as far as our love is concerned - you said you'll keep it a secret

@ari - u are my inspiration

@tigress - thank you. roar.

@debalina - thank you. thank you. totally flattered :)
1. I have a little script that does that for me. Calculates my PageRank every 5 minutes or so.
2. Yes, ending up with embarrassing propositions.
3. I usually just reach over and grab their food.
4. Hahah ! Now we are talking about farting are we ?!?!
5. Bollywood movies ? I love imagining myself as the hero in some random b-grade horror movie that they air on Zee these days !
6. I KNOW I am smarter than that jackass.
7. Dude, I'm a dude. Go figure.
8. More like... damn gansta ;)
9. Yes, if you count short stories, with not much of a story in them.
10. Ahh, now we are fishing for compliments, aren't we !! ;)
@Vignesh - oh no! even i know that jackass and i think i am smarter than him :)) and yes ... fart is always a bloated topic :)
The most recurring one is Point 10...every time i pass this page :)
@Kuamri - thank you. i'm all blushing :)
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