Thursday, February 17, 2005

Shopping for a partner
While writing the post on matrimonial ads I figured out that we are slowly heading towards commoditizing the whole concept of marriage. We already have ads for it and pre-nups etc. are as nothing short of formal agreements. However, we don't want to be honest abt our intentions and therefore aren't going the full way. Or else, who wouldn't want to see these common sales options while choosing their partner?

  • 30 day trial period. Full satisfaction guaranteed or else returned with no furthers questions asked.

  • Get one and get another one absolutely free - offer applicable on all models, no exceptions.

  • Bring your old one in and exchange it for a new one.

  • Special sale on all refurbished products. Fresh as new. Hardly used!

  • Comments:
    hahaha !
    Once, when a guy proposed me.. he also said.. ' theres a 90 day trial period, if you like me..you can upgrade' !!!
    this is fact !
    shit ... one more idea that has been taken away :((
    This forever togetherness has been sold for too long, and with too musch of fine print too! Providing legal counsel for the victims who were unhappy with the "deal" might prove to be more lucrative! :)
    i think we have a deal out here :))
    Browsing another blog where the writer is busy researching her family's genealogy. She came across the realization that in earlier centuries (in puritanical America) there were many children (in fact most) born four or five months after marriage.

    Whereupon someone else stated that it used to be the custom of the time for couples to start living as man and wife after engagement, and to only get married once the woman became pregnant. In part apparently because there was such a lot riding on the continuation of family at the time, I suppose.

    This is also the reason why engagement is taken so seriously, and why either party can sue the other (or used to, not sure about the current situation) for breach of contract if the engagement is called off.

    *steps off the lecture podium now*
    clap clap clap clap *from below the podium*
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