Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sisterly advice
Just after I mentioned that advice is available aplenty, my li'll sis showered me with some more. She is four years younger to me and calmly told me, "What you need Dadan is a good date. One that begins with nice food for dinner and ends with nice coffee for breakfast"!!!! What has become of the new generation :((

Hahah !! My cousin said the exact same thing last weekend. Well she was much meaner about it, but the idea was the same. This was after I spent all of Sunday at her house, eating and complaining about everything. Guess I had it coming.

One more thing, the way you put up your posts, with the title as a part of the post, kills the nature of the RSS feed that I get. It would be great if you could turn on titles through Blogger and use that field for the titles. That way, I get clean RSS and you get good karma ;)
Unless this is a common saying, you and I might land up being cousins :)

Yup! Was aware of the title thing but dint change it coz I dint think anyone was using RSS. Shall change it st aways. Cheers.
And to some of us RSS would mean a certain Right-Wing-Hindu-Lover's-Unite-Kind-fOf-Thing...


What has become of the new generation :((
coming up soon - "when our generation ruled" - in 70 mm technocolor format WITHOUT digital sound coz that's how we had it :))
How come i don't have cousins who say so?
Damn! WHAT is happening to this generation? ;-)
@Kumari - whenever you are confused refer to cola commercials for profundity. to quote one such great - tumhara number ayega :)
LOL! Man, Sagnik! Your comments section is just as fun to read as your blog itself!

[And yes, I use RSS Feeds too, though I do come to your site to read the whole post. And specially the comments :) ]

Your post reminded me about this article I read long ago. This young looking couple goes to a sex therapist, and complains that their love life isn't exciting anymore. The therapist nearly gets a heart attack when she finds out they're fourteen...
And of course, there's the DPS story.

The generation gap is now visible at a difference of two years (at last count). I feel so old...
@Rajesh - thanks. the difference between puppy love and paapi love iss fast disappearing :)
Lol...Brilliant!...paapi love, eh?
Sounds like a Mithunda something...
aaah biplab - you have brought back zillion of memories of the disco dancer in my mind :)
While we are talking about cousins SAYING so, we should realise that no cousins are DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT !!

I end by saying,

*sigh* what has become of the new generation :(
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