Friday, February 04, 2005

Steer with fear
Well, based on some of the comments I received, people seemed to agree that Proof By Obscurity is commonplace. On similar lines, another technique that is fast gaining popularity is Proof by "Are you saying that ...?" This is a fresh new technique that is gaining immense popularity with girl friends, bosses and club bouncers.

Sweety, you left the tap open this morning.
No, I did not. I'm quite sure I dint even use your bathroom.
What? (an instant stare makes the proof simpler). Are you trying to say that I am lying?
Ooops! No. Now that you mention, I think ... err ... I KNOW it was me.

Mr. Gupta I expect you to get this piece of code running by tomorrow morning.
But, Sir, there is no way one can debug 10,000 lines of undocumented code in one night.
Mr. Gupta, Are you saying that I have no idea abt what a software engineer can do in one night?

Excuse me Sir. That's a fake id. You don't look 18.
But that is my passport with the stamp of ...
Sir (interrupting with a "talk-to-the-hands" like movement is a must), Are you saying that I can't see? Are you saying that I'm blind Sir?
No! Obviously you can see and you will not see me here any more.

Sometimes I just miss those good old proofs ending with QED.

Well well Someone's trying to develop an active nightlife.
Well, please introduce me to this Someone darling, I could definitely use some good company :)
Are you saying that we dont know what u r cooking?
Just one thing boss...so how old DID that chap think the 'someone' was?
For me, it's quite bugging when all those classy looking stewardesses (so you can gauge - I haven't flown Air India as yet) ask me the same whenever I ask for beer. Of course, the "Sir" is always there...quite like 'kata gha-ey noon-er cheta'-ish!
well i was 23 and had a stubble as well when i got refused entry in a nightclub :( i guess it must have been the boyish charm :))
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