Saturday, February 19, 2005

T-Shirt idea
I run!
I walk!
I eat!
I sleep!
i Pod!

Now that I've succumbed to shameless brand endorsement - any takers?
P.S. For those who like to quiz - does any one know what the T in T Shirt stands for (it's a really cool trivia)?

ami jaani, ami jaani *raises hand and gets up from seat excitedly*
tarzan (pleej pronounce tarjan)
Bang on target - full marks to you and JK Steel Radial :)
Hey Sagnik -

Not that your posts are not interesting in themselves but i was wondering if it would be a good idea to post a trivia q at the end of each post related to the topic of the post?
Random "Trivial" thoughts from a Confused mind - Very original idea I know :-) Its 1.20 am Sunday here in Madras - forgive me... (that is a good enuf excuse i hope) :-)
hey meera, sure why not! well i don't think i can put trivia for all the topics coz a lot of times my posts are abt pure nonsense :))
what the hell does Tarzan have to do with T-shirts?

... this sentence was supposed to be a lot more interesting .. i tried thrice ... i am just too drunk at the moment ... i just watched constantine too and i suspect the gal sitting on the terminal next to me is a half-breed .. . i better get home before i start chanting in Latin....

again .. what the hell does tarzan have to do with t-shirts!

This may not be quite authentic, but apparently it has something to do with Johnny Weizmuller, Olympic gole-medal winning seimmer who playerd Tarzan in several early hollywood adaptations. He apparently modelled for/popularised T's or something.
JK Steel Radial byaparta mathai dhuklo na.
@Sanketh - well Kashyapeya has pretty much said it - the collar less shirts became famous and they were called Tarzan Shirts which later became just plain T Shirts.

@Kashyapeya - Remember the ad where Kabir Bedi played a quiz master and he sad at the end "Ful marks to you and JK Steel Radial" :)
To all and sundry,
I solemnly swear that my knowledge of English orthography is better that what the previous comment seems to suggest, so help me god :( the same, unfortunately, cannot be said for my typing skills.
@sagnik, yes, it vaguely comes to mind now, but honestly, the only kabir bedi memory I have is of this film called "khoon bhari maang" where he gets fed to crocs by rekha. bollywood's ode to feminism. :((
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