Friday, February 04, 2005

That time of the year :))
Two days back Subs woke up and came walking into my room with sleepy eyes, messy hair and an itchy throat. In his broken voice he proclaimed, "It's the most romantic month of the year" and left. Ahoy! It's February and St. Valentine's Day is nigh.

It's just a matter of time before the caring friends and their inquisitive selves pop up. "So what are you doing for V Day this year?" one would ask. He doesn't care for the answer. That was just the starting point for the remaining part of his speech. "This time I have a date. I'm going out with this girl from ... and we plan to ... and I'll surprise her with ...," he would prate on and on and on, while I play with my middle finger, wondering whether to put it to good use.

Then there are the sympathy givers. The first group have dates themselves but offer you a pity ride. "Rachel and I are going out in the evening. I'm taking her to this Italian restaurant by the beach. We should be back by 11 and before we start doing 'you know what' (with a wink) we plan to go to her ex-roommate's house and watch a movie (with a sulk). So why don't you join us then?" The other group of pity providers are the remaining members of Miserable Anonymous. "Hey what say we all go and catch Aviator. It's got 11 nominations ... or how abt a potluck?" There is a third group too - people who just want to let the dog loose on you and sit back in the car and watch. "Hey, remember last year we all went out together? It was sooo much fun. Hey, I'm really sorry you guys broke up. Me and Reena were just discussing abt last V Day and the fun we had. So what exactly went wrong between you two?"

... and you think that with the strike of 12 and the welcoming of the 15th, things would get back to normalcy? Alas! You'll always have that one friend who would have had "The Most Amazing V Day" and will keep talking abt it incessantly for the months to come till he finally figures out that his girl friend is cheating on him.

Ahoy! Love is in the air and I am catching a cold.

Interesting thing I noticed - my relationships tend to come to very abrupt and final halts around the end of January. So Bhelu Dibas has always been just another day.
The way I see it Ani - you are saving some serious rose, chocolates and soft toy money - something that you should put in a safe place to use during Dec-Jan when love blossoms again :)
I have the prescription for cold right here...but doggone i can't understand the bloody handwriting :(
Fly up to this part of the coast for the weekend in question. A change of scenery might do the trick, and besides the local girls might not have heard of you yet, so they might not know enough to start running away ;-)
et too sivani, et tu?
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