Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Vegetarian
First of all - is it just me or does the name of this post actually sound like a reality show :) Anyway, thanks to a comment left by Sivani, I remembered this short conversation I overheard in the bus a few days back.

Lady (to the driver): I decided to turn vegetarian last month. I've had it with meat.
Driver: Wow! Vegetarian! That must be difficult! So what do you eat?
Lady: Well, I still eat chicken.

"What?" I said to myself. I never knew that I was a vegetarian all these days. I'm impressed.

While on the topic of vegetarianism, a friend's friend apparently ate only cheese burgers for two years after she arrived in the US to make survival possible in a slow, fast-food infested area. It's only then that she found out that cheese burgers had more meat than she ever wanted to meet.

Reminds me of some stories of a few friends.
One guy (f.o.b.) tried desperately to fit in at work and not draw attention to the fact that he was vegetarian. One day (night) the team was working late and they decided to order a pizza. Some were talking of ham or bacon, with our guy getting a little concerned, until someone else mentioned pepperoni, at which he enthusiastically supported that option. He ended up going hungry when the pizza arrived and he found that pepperoni was NOT a fancy name for shimla mirch.

Another guy (Pakistani) was left to go hungry after being conned into ordering a sausage pizza by some "friends." Never having heard of sausage (and nobody explained it as pork keema to him) he thought: "Sausage? Must be the name for some interesting sauce."
I am a vegetarian and I have come across people at work looking at me amusedly. I order Veggie lover Pizza without (queer of course!!) But then I hate Cheese.

It has been 4 years since I lived here..still I avoid eating out. For survival, I eat Bread and Jam (that is my fav). Or cereal.

Thankfully I cook well!! It is quite a life that people here won't get it!!!
Wow, that happens to me all the times and i get weird comments like, 'Oh, you must not have had meat earlier, coz you come from a poor country !'

I like being a vegetarian because it is much healthy.
@all - wow how come i never replied to any of the cmments on this post !!!!
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