Thursday, February 17, 2005

Verrrrrry Funny (with more than a sprinkle of salt)
As I was munching into the spicy chicken combo of the newly opened Japanese restaurant on campus, I overheard the two Asian guys sitting in front of me talk.

X: So you know Z right?
Y: The new guy in your lab?
X: Yes! It was soooo funny. He wanted to transfer the log file of our experiments to his machine. It was around 1.4 GB of zipped data. So he did it using SFTP over the wireless network ... even though there was an Ethernet Cable just next to my table.
(Saying this X started laughing hysterically).
Y: What? (Starts laughing too) Where do these people come from?
X: Seriously. That's so inefficient. (His laughter now reached a new level of eccentricity. Food, saliva and weird sounds started spurting out of his mouth in random directions and his eyes narrowed further to invisibility).

YES. There are places where this is supposed to be funny ... AND I STAY IN ONE SUCH PLACE :(( Whatever happened to good old knock knock jokes ??

Ah! Geek Humour :)
when all the men and women sleep the geeks play around :)
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