Friday, February 11, 2005

Walking on the wild side
Well, a few days back I went out with a girl (let's call her X) and we spoke on topics ranging from Scorcese to spicy hot and sour soups. However, the soup was not even close to the spiciest part of the evening. X mentioned in a fairly nonchalant fashion that she has done some "pretty wild things in the past".

Me: Wow! Any that you can share with me?
X: Hmmm! Lesse! Hmmm! Well this one time I was into bike stunts and me and my then boy friend got into trouble with the law in India thanks to one of our stunts.

What???? Now, a little word abt the kind of people I normally hang out with - they normally don't have bikes and they normally don't get dates. So such a story is not the kind of stuff I hear too often. However, not to be out done, I churned out one of my wild stories too.

Me: Well, lemme tell you abt one of my wild stories now.
X: Yeah! Tell me. (Eyes glowing with subdued anticipation).
Me: So, this was in second year of my undergrad days. Me and my then girl friend were studying for a mid term of Principles of Management.

I could see the confusion in the X's eyes. She was aware that I was trying to up her story with mine, but somehow the academic setting of an Indian university didn't seem to be much of a match for her high speed bikes. This added an element of enigma to the situation.

X: So what happened?
Me: Well, lesse, how do I tell you this. Well, we were studying for this exam and it was a difficult class ... and finally me and my girl friend ... we skipped an entire chapter from the book .. coz the syllabus was way too big.
X: And then?
Me: No. That's it. That's as wild as we got.

I wish I had a camera or the gift with words to describe the girl's reaction. At best I can say that there was an element of shock, pity and pity on her face. Just made me realize that I BADLY NEED SOME WILD STORIES :(

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