Monday, February 07, 2005

What I want
Tried working the whole day but couldn't - another day wasted in useless thinking. Bubin says that nothing ever goes wasted but Bubin also says that I should get into teaching :) Yanyways, a quick list of things that I want right now - no particular order, no reason either, just a way to remind me in ten days (or maybe 100) how transient my desires are:

1. Want lots of money now (say a few million dollars), enuff to think abt a career option without considering the financial risks.

2. Want to meet mom and dad - I am so bloody jealous of my sis right now - the sweet girl has never stayed out of home :)

3. Do something creative - something that reflects my thought in my way, not something with a definite result but something where every person's results and approach will differ

4. Be a stand up comedian :)

5. Make a film (accomplishment of pt 1 should help me do this)

6. Want some new friends - people with lots of time, enthusiasm and madness

7. Want to smile, without pretending or without being scared of it going away

8. Want to run away to some place with mountains and snow (I haven't ever seen snowfall) and be there all alone with a TV and computer for a week. Somehow I imagine a fireplace in a cozy room with a yellowish hue too.

... and so much more ...

Dunno what happened to my prev comment...
For point no:6, will 2/3 hold good?
I am stark raving mad with a new found enthusiasm for nonsensical activities :p:p
excellent - ob it will do - btw, it's funny that we exchange so many comments on each other's blog without having ever spoken on campus :)
My only lasting memory of you from college is standing behind you to pay the Mess bill. You were the guy with the pair of jeans torn at a politically incorrect place :) Naive that i was then, i must say it was a (c)rude shock! :p:p

Well we were suffering or rather blessed with short-sightedness then :) Nothing beyond a 2m perimeter was visible!
what????? why in the world were you and i trying to pay mess bills together (where) and how did you see my torn jeans if I was standing :(( hmmm, i'm pretty sure that the credibility of this incident is tarnished by your short sightedness :)
Fd-III, some forgotten year:)
Not together per se, but in the same Q, I behind thee :)
That still falls within 2m proximity :p:p
ami to achi, arr ki chai....i mean aschi
Hmm, you say you want 3, 6, 7 and 8 and then you are rude to me when I invite you to come and visit us....

Oh My GOD (and that reminds me of janice) - where was this invitation Sivani? i must have completely missed that comment ... nothing like visiting an Indian family where they cook lunch as opposed to relying on pre-cooked chicken like me :))
That was in response to your Valentine's lament :-)
about point 6...I was just going through your other posts and thinking..."this guy would make a great stand up comic"!
move over, Mr.Leno!!
@Angel - thank you! thank you :)
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