Friday, February 25, 2005

While on Rap 

While on the topic of rap and hip hop has anyone noticed that there is no scope for medium sized people in these fields. You have the stars using 'big' in their names like Fat Joe, Notorious BIG, Big L and there's also an abundance of the 'little' ones like Lil John, Lil Scrappy, Lil Kim, Lil Bow Wow - then how come we don't have any medium stars like Medium Madness, Middle Man Mayhem etc.? Anyone listening?

Actually u know what - Fat Joe- after watching Oprah last year thot about his weight and in a year he has reduced himself from 370 lbs to 290lbs so I guess if we give him some more time may be we shall have Medium-Joe or Not-so-fat-Joe
i doubt it :) the names are often not reflective of the actual size. Big L wasn't fat and Lil Jogn is not little either. So my guess is its gonna be a while before Mid Size Mama debuts :)
* big, fat, li'l are all relative terms..so one can't be sure
* old-ugly-bastard was old, ugly and did not have a clue about his parentage
* i was kiddin 'bout fat-joe...big boy...
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