Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wishful thinking
How I wish that people were half as generous to me with their money as they are with their advice :)

Ppl are always willing to donate what they don't need but still have in excess --Advice :(
A word of 'advice' - ignore these people :))
The value of anything is inversely proportionate to the ease with which we can get it... So, if available in generous doses; this money would lose both its 'value' and the 'mystical charm' and we would get back to trading favours and bartering sundry things/people to get what we want, which would eventually lead to anarchy...
So, in the greater good of the cosmos, this is necessary! :)
@soup - no wonder i titled the post Wishful Thinking :)
Alright...its a promise..
The day I become a billionaire..
I'll donate Rs 100...
@Debalia - your generosity has brought tears to my eyes. stop reading blogs and study hard and quickly make that billion.
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