Thursday, March 03, 2005

Age of Innocence 

A few days back I made a post on how fast the Indian Generation X is changing. Clubs, discs, metrosexuals and rave parties, it seems, are commonplace these days. However, an incident narrated by my sis this morning reminded me of the good old times when people took a more clandestine approach to romance.

Pummy was attending my cousin's wedding and a seventeen year old girl came up to her and introduced herself. The two of them got talking and Pummy asked her if she had a boy friend. The girl it seems was very embarrassed to accept the presence of the special someone, but finally nodded a dreamy nod of approval.

Now the funny part. Apparently, after five minutes, the girl came back to Pummy, took her aside and told her (and I'm quoting), "By the way. We are just H and not K". Pummy had no idea what this meant and requested an explanation to which the girl shyly said, "I mean just holding Hands ... no Kiss." Saying this she left the place. Aha! Innocence is floating in the breeze again :)

the lack of comments on this post suggests how the world prefers promiscuity to innocence...sigh :(
@Kumari - I think this post touched the inner animal in many of us and in shame we decided not to talk abt it :))
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