Thursday, March 24, 2005

Aks no more :) 

I was talking abt pronunciation idiosyncrasies of people from different parts of India. For example, several people from down South call the letter H - 'Haich'. Bengalis (that's what I am) have their own quirks. We often add an extra H to things (e.g. hushband, shtop). Another common mistake that I've heard is people reversing the 's' and the 'k' in words. This too is largely prevalent in East of India (e.g. aks, deks etc.).

In my undergrad days we had a teacher who had the above mentioned problem. Incidentally, he also taught us abt storage systems. So the Gigabytes of hard disk became hard diks (please imagine whatever you want to). I'm not making this up but one of our classes actually sounded like this:

"We can either deal with big hard diks or small hard diks. Often if the hard diks is very big it becomes very difficult to manage and we break it down into many smaller hard diks but then we have other issues with diks if they are very small. So ..."

Need I say any more :)

Oh holy fucking christ. Had missed the pun initially...then...lol...big hard diks, small hard diks...:)))
Could laugh my head right off:))
Hail you man!
Don't forget the 3.5" floppy "diks"
@biplab - imagine our state when we actually sat through the class :)

@sourja - :)) well then they had the slightly bigger but somewhat softer 5 1/4 ones too right ??
Can't stop laughing!! :)

This blog reminds me of the Mallu's English.

All Angils and Aanties telling their children "Today is the time to Bray!! You won't get dinner Undil you do"

Someday I can talk about the TamBram English..Once my Mom reads it she might get offended.
Oh my God! Now who the hell is this prof? :-D
@Anon - wow! that was very informative - i as completely unaware of the whole Mallu angle.

@Kumari - chah! i really wanted to name him but he was very sweet to me - and a great prof too - hence the discreetness :)
During grads, we had our computer funda prof. Tanmoy Sir,he used to say the same thing. Hard diks, Magnetic Diks, etc.
And we used to laugh out loud..and then Sir would stare at us wth most innocent and confused looks.
He would say "phiph-phoph" instead of "flip-flop".
He was one of a kind.

And lots of people say "Riska" instead of Rikshaw. You might have noticed lot of people saying "Taski" instead of "taxi" .
And if you happen to have commuted by "Private" Public transportation in Calcutta you'll get to hear things like - "singal-ta icchey korey khelo" - aah, Rt. No. 45!
Sagnik man!!!
ROTFL here in the netcafe and everyone is looking at me as if I hv gone mad !!! Cheered up my weakened weekend!

Havent laughed this much in months!

@Srini - thanks man! We owe it all to the illustrious ones in Pilani :)
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