Tuesday, March 01, 2005

... and now the solution 

This is a follow up to the previous post. A PhD student is not only responsible for coming up with a problem but has to solve it as well. So it's no use saying that it's difficult to rebuild ties once they've been broken. We HAVE TO come up with a non offensive way to solve the crisis ourselves (that is the single most serious sounding line I have ever written on this blog) :)

Haimanti (and she can vouch for this story if she is reading this) is one of my closest friends from high school. Sadly, the lazy me dint get around to mailing her for almost a year after she left for the US. In my defense, I'm talking abt actual mails here - the types that required the labor of buying stamps and salivating it :) So, finally when I decided to make amends, I had no clue how to contact her. So I wrote her a mail which was written as a continuation of my previous mail (which I hadn't written) and spoke abt things which she had no idea abt coz she hadn't read that "previous mail". I believe I even expressed my mild anger at the fact that she hadn't replied to the "mail". Well, the trick worked and the kind Hemo mailed back. I did ask her later how she reacted to the mail and yes, she was all surprised. Complex problem, simple solution - now, where's my PhD?

hehehe...i do that all the time :-D
*Clap Clap* PhD it is!

I have tried this with my folks too, when I used to send them snail mails, 'What you didn't get them? How strange?'

This till my father decided to write to the Postmaster General and such! :)

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