Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another Apt Mate ... Another story 

As X walked into the house I looked at him and said, "Did you go for a movie?"

I can't claim that X was really surprised but the eyebrows did move a little, revealing a tinge of curiosity. "How did you know?" he asked. "Oh! It was a guess. You have a cup of Coldstone Ice Cream that you brought in. The only shop they have in this area is next to the movie theater. Also, you normally return home at 12 but today you came back at 11.15. So you must have left your lab early. So I am guessing you planned and went for a movie," I presented my case.

"Wow!" X exclaimed. The eyebrows moving a lot more this time. "I am impressed. Monk is seriously doing you a lot of good."

"Oh sure it is! And yeah! The fact that Subs told me that you went for a movie helped too."

The eyebrows cringed again and this time it was accompanied by a smile and a Bengali expletive.

Why this bias towards bengali expletives? You always mention the english ones with their first word followed by special characters, so why this injustice? @#%*u
@Ari - eeeeeeeeash! What kind of language - specially that #% part - terrible!!
Tumi bangali? :-p
@J - Well yes :) Does that make me a good person or a bad person???
Well, i dont like good guys. i love bongs. So wot do ya wanna be?
@J - I like to believe that I am a good Bong guy :)
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