Sunday, March 13, 2005

Back with a Bong 

Well! To make up for not watching any movies for the past two weeks, I saw three movies in the past three days - Robots, Be Cool and Bride and Prejudice (the English version). I've already expressed my opinion on Robots and my opinion on Be Cool and BAP are "mediocre" and "terrible" respectively. While the former is a 'great cast gone stray', the later is more like Ash-tray.

On a different note, went to the Indian market and was talking to Ari in Bengali and two guys came up to us separately and accosted us with the line "Are you two Bengalis?". What? Quick question, why else will two people speak in Bengali? We decided to greet the next person asking the question with the answer, "Nope! He is Chinese and I am a Tamilian. We were just choosing a common language to give each other a fair play" :)

Incidentally, one of the guys who came up and spoke to us ended the conversation with the line, "You guys should come over to my place some time. I'm single." :O What???? What does that mean?

Kolkata has many Chinese and Tamilian who can speak and read bengali better than I do.
and everything else...is fishy ;)
@Debalina - oh! yes! everytime we speak in Bengali in front of the Chinese out here I think, "Wwhat if they are from Tangra?"
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