Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bad poem, Go c 'em 

Wanted to do this for a while
To my blog links add some style
Check your right to see what's in store
You might be entertained, or simply bored.

am stunned:)
See the witty man never ceases to amuse me :))
Hey, thanks! Though I must say I think the compliment is undeserved :)
I weep for the new time complexity of insertions and deletions to your blogroll data structure :)

But hey, poets can't be bothered by such mundane issues. Way to go.
@Rajesh - are we now staying ina place where one blogger can't even compliment a fellow blogger :))

@Kartik - as a shoo shoo brand would say - just po-et :)
Am amused:)
Thanks Dude!
Wine and whine, eh? Good one:)
'White cotton, azure sky' .. *ahem* I sound like a picture postcard! Thanks much! :)
Much obliged !! Its funny.. over the weekend, I have been called 'alarmingly nice', 'deliciously vague' and now, 'charmingly mad'. Hmm... I prefer hirsute hyena myself...
@kumari + biplab + megha + vignesh - thank you to u people for writing
He he! Not at all! Always nice to receive a compliment from the most prolific blogger in the whole wide world :)

P.S.: Okay, so I'm exaggerating. But are we now staying in a place where one blogger can't even compliment a fellow blogger?

P.P.S.: And I'm the one who complains about plagiarism... *sigh*
Hi Sagnik,
Thanks . Now, I'm flattered!

Can you change the blog URL to this -
http://matchlessgifts.blogspot.com ? :) No longer dollydoll URL!

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