Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Calling Bell ... ooops! Sell 

So a bunch of us were sitting and doing absolutely nothing this evening when the phone rang. If it's 6 in the evening and we have a ringing phone, it normally means "Houston we have a telemarketer here". However, the possibility of the call coming from a young damsel seeking company, or that from an eccentric yet generous billionaire, makes us answer the call every time. So we pick up the phone, only to realize that unless it's an eccentric billionaire with a twisted sense of humor and Indian accent, it's just a telemarketer on the other side. I was abt to hang up but decided to give Ari the phone instead. What followed was a conversation that put six people rolling on the floor (literally). It was kinda mean but it still was what the blogging World call ROTFL :)

Caller (C): We offer Internet services.
Ari (A): Does that come with a computer or do we buy a PC separately to use your service?

C: No! We offer cheap calling cards to India. We have something for every need. What is your need?
A: Oh! I like something which I can use for a 34 minute conversation exactly.
C: Don't you want to call people in India?
A: Not really! I think I've called them enough. I've just had it with them. Now I want to make new friends in some new places. Do you have any suggestions?
C: So why don't you try out the card?
A: I'd love to BUT I'm broke. Do you have any jobs? Yeah! Just like the one you are doing. I think I can manage that. Please sir, I really would appreciate that!


Mean Mean Ari & Sagnik!
Damn i was a telemarketeer once and i shudder to think how i would have reacted to such a conversation :p
I swear i would have sworn and in consequence been thrown ...*sniff* *sniff*
Kumari, we apologise to you from the bottom of our hearts and if need be shall call you up and do the same too :)
In comparision, I was nice to the one who called me ;)
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