Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Day's Rest 

The writer will take a day off from blogging (I can see lots of people all happy and gleeing). Till then I leave you with yet another profound thought:

What do you call a pair of lesbian household help?
Maid for each other!

Noooooooooo :((
Kaboom. Thunder! Lightning!
And where will the little girl go for a couple a laughs and a few dozen smiles to brighten her dull grey morning????

Come back soon!
dude, how do you manage to write so many posts in 1 day!!? :-????
fun to read your posts man...hope to get regular on commenting scene here :D
keep up the good work!

why did the lesbian maid give her heart to the other maid?
she was screaming "dil do!" :D
like i said - the frequency of blogging is inversely proportional to how much is
"happening" in one's life... semms ur life has finally started happening again..
Sagnik Nandy! Is that you? BTW, I did Physics tutions with you aeons ago in Park Circus...with Ratnabali miss? Do you remember......?
I'm going through major withdrawal..will ya blog already!
Finally. Phew!
And when the lesbian maid refused to give her heart to her friend, but instead chose the lesbian cook, they made a movie out of it.

They called it Dil do pagal hai
@Kumari - thank you, thank you :)

@Jax and Ani - thanks for the maid jokes. I liked them coz a maid doesn't mind you getting "dirty" :)

@Chitra - :)

@Sunandini - Woa! I definitely remember you and on thinking I remembered quite a lot of stuff from that tuition - (i) The teacher's son used to study in DBPC (ii) you used to sit with another girl just next to the door while (iii) I used to sit on the other side of the room with a girl who I believe was called Rituparna. Right? What are you upto?

@bee - thank you. please keep visiting.
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