Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Fatherly Affair 

I was talking to someone yesterday abt what I would consider a mark of being successful. So, I've said this in the past and will repeat it - I'll assume that I'm fairly successful and an achiever if I can afford one spoilt child. Yeah! I said it - One spoilt child. That's every father's dream :) I don't want a kid who is Mr/Ms. Perfect from day one. The kid should be completely confused with his/her career choices. Not like me, who had to choose between being an engineer and an ... Engineer. So my kid should definitely want to achieve new levels of craziness. "I wanna be a rock singer dad," he should sing aloud. "I'm feeling music in my veins." So I'll pay him to start a rock band; bore myself with beats of jarring drumming; allow that one tattoo they'll always regret. But come on, it's my kid we are talking abt, and unless I manage to dupe some super talented woman (very unlikely Mr. Nandy) there's no way of producing a rock singer. Not even a rock music lover for that matter. So lil Nandy will fail. The rocking dreams will crumble and he/she'll opt for the one easy vent to the frustration - by wanting to be a Hindi movie actor. Once again I should support him/her. I should be in a position to make a bad Hindi film for the lil one. But come on, unless my wifey does something illicit in her spare time, we can't have a kid worthy of the silver screen. So one big flop and the chap will be back again, cribbing abt possible careers. I'll train him to be a cricketer, open a boutique to experiment with the thought of being a fashion designer and even hire some goons to beat the shit out of him/her when the craze of Freestyle Wrestling hits the head. Finally, on a bright Sunny Sunday morning, lil Nandy will walk up during breakfast and say, "Dad, some of my friends are writing the engineering entrance exams and I wanna try out." "Oh! No! Not another Geek," I'll tell myself. "What dint I do for him/her," I'll shout, while gloating in inner ecstasy, "Aaah! Just like the father ... just like me! Such an idiot!"

U should send u r child to a better school, that way thots like "What dint I do for him/her" will never cross u r mind.
@Ari - :)) Idiot! I might just send him to ur school in nmy on going quest to screw him a lil more :)
Another question for you Sagnik.

Do you want your child to behave like a dada (read bully) or be a meek geek?
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